Indian drone enters the territory of China

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There has been news about India having issues with China but this hype was actually calmed down after few days but now things are taking a different shape and it actually looks that there was nothing ok in reality. The Chinese State Media has found something against India and so they explained it to media about it. It is believed that an Indian drone has “entered ” China’s airspace and crashed, Chinese state media gave this statement on Thursday, months after the neighbours ended one of their worst border standoffs in decades. This is something their expectations and they are not happy with this act. To this happening many people gave statements and showed concern regarding it.  “The Indian move violated China’s territorial sovereignty. We strongly express our dissatisfaction and opposition,” Xinhua news agency cited the deputy director of the army’s western theatre combat bureau, Zhang Shuili, as saying.


Zhang did not give the exact details about when or where the incident actually took place. The reason behind this lies in the government regulations as they don’t want to give out a whole lot of information to the media as they want to maintain the secrecy of it. Chinese border troops “took a professional and responsible attitude” and further carried out identification verification of the device, Zhang added. All the aspects of the device are detected and clear information from its every part is taken out so as to know the exact concern of its entering the territory of China and hurting their sovereignty.  In August, the two nations made their troops set back so as to resolve a tense deadlock over part of a Himalayan plateau claimed by both China and Bhutan, an ally of India. We hope that the exact statement with clear information is given out so that the issue could be resolved.

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