India Will Rule the 21st Century, the Era of Knowledge: Nrendra Modi

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Nrendra Modi

Since the victory at the Lok Sabha Election in the year 2014, Narendra Modi has been heard speaking of a lot of his dream projects which include Swachch Bharat, Make in India, Digital India, etc. Right after the victory Modi, at his Maddison Square Garden, he spoke out about the Swachch Bharat mission. He said, “if the people of India can keep themselves clean, then no foreign power can make India dirty”. This statement became remarkable. Everytime he visits a gathering he makes a statement that becomes remarkable both positively and negatively. At the Katra gathering, Modi stated’ “India will lead the 21st century because the energy required for the 21st century is knowledge, and that is with India. India has 800 million youth power, which is below the age of 35. Dream of every young person can become a progress story for the country”


He followed the path of APJ Abdul Kalam and addressed the youth and especially the students more than the rest of the public. He asked the students to think of their parents who sacrificed so much. He also said not to think of the plans and the dreams that they have not been able to achieve rather to concentrate more on what they have and what they have got. This much is also the fruit of their parents’ sacrifice, without which nothing could have been possible.

He also added, “Our nation is scaling new heights of progress, and with such a youthful population we can achieve so much. Dream to do something and not to become someone”. As he was addressing the students of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, he asked the students to help the poor because due to the poor pilgrims, the University got its shape.

It seems that Modi is trying out his hands at influencing the students like Kalam did by visiting the schools and the Universities of India.

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