India Wants To Purchase Patrol Drones, UAV From United States

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Patrol Drones

India has dispatched a letter of request to the United States of America where India has expressed its interest to purchase drones for Patroling purpose. India stated that it wants to buy some drones for surveillance purposes in theIndian Ocean.

A month ago, US recognized India as its one of the “major defence partner” and both the countries have inducted Missile technology centre.

The part of Modi government’s effort to secure India’s maritime assets mainly in the Indian Ocean, India has sent out the proposal for some patrol drones.

India is pushing its maritime surveillance to the world class system. Using these awesome patroling machine India is looking forward to restricting any outward intrusion like Mumbai attack.

India wants to buy these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from General Atomics. The name of these UAVs is “state of the art multi-mission maritime patrol Predator Guardian”.

These predator patroling machines can provide high altitude wide area maritime surveillance while these have high endurance time.

Patrol Drones

Features of Maritime patrolUnmanned Aerial Vehicles

These are the features of the UAVs India wants to acquire-

  1. These drones can fly at an altitude of 50,000 feet.
  2. These highly advanced drones can fly more than 24 hours non-stop.
  3. It can monitor the movement of an object as small as a football!!

India showed its interest earlier also, but as India was not a member of the MTCR, US administration could not process the request. But now India is a member of MTCR and US is looking for this deal!!

They said-

Earlier this month, President Obama and Prime Minister Modi affirmed their support for US-India cooperation in promoting maritime security

Some Special Points of This Proposal

  1. India will purchase over 250 UAV
  2. The value of this deal may touch $5 billion.

“Its Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) mode provides a quick and easy method for locating moving vehicles,” Dr Lall, an aerospace scientist said.

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