India- US Nuclear Deal Revised

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India- US Nuclear

The visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a lot of curiosities in all the sectors regarding the new policies and probable deals. The most important deal that has bound the two nations for quite a long time is the nuclear deal. India being granted the status of a nuclear state is one of the most important issues regarding the foreign policies of India.

The significant deal has been revised by the two nations. India is the key country for the United States in every aspect as far as gaining power over the South Asian countries is considered. Starting right from tensions with Pakistan to beat China, India plays the role of the trump card on the part of the United States.

On the Nuclear Deal front, Westinghouse Electric (now owned by Toshiba) has been negotiating with India in the hopes of selling it six AP-1000 nuclear power reactors. The project site was lately shifted to the southern state of India, Andhra Pradesh. The process of preparing the ground is ongoing. Local opposition prevented the multibillion-dollar project from moving ahead in Modi’s home state of Gujarat.

Assistant secretary of State for South Asian affairs Nisha Desai Bishwal told the Senate on 24th of May that the deal was much close. There have been issues between the companies and the Indian government regarding the setting up of insurance pool. Whether the issues are all resolved or not have not yet been clarified.

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