India To Accelerate Hydropower Building on Rivers Flowing In Pakistan

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Rivers Flowing

India is going to stimulate the construction of entirely new hydropower plant along with the three rivers which flow in Pakistan. On Monday, a source which is associatedwith the plan, informs that it is a move which is likely to aggregate the tense relations with the neighbour after the attack in a particular Indian Army base. Disagreements have taken place over howto share thewaters of Indus and other rivers between the nuclear-armed arch-rivals since independence in the year 1947.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Monday, the dispute looks to bereignited.In his speech, he said that India should use more of the resources of rivers. However, a knowledgeable source thatattended the meeting of Modi, said that New Delhi blames on Pakistan for the September 19th attack on an army base in the region of Kashmir. India has vowed to respond to the assault where 18 soldiers were killed. On Saturday Modi said that India would be mounting a global campaign for the isolation of Pakistan. According to India, Pakistan has been backing militant groups in the Himalayan states of Jammu and Kashmir through the shared river flowof various countries. But Pakistan denies this allegation by saying that India has not yet provided an adequate proof for this particular claim. An orator for the foreign office of Pakistan did not comment immediately about Modi’s hydropower plans. Meantime, in the meeting, held on Monday, Modi and other officials discussed the ways for increasing exploitation of theJhelum, Chenab and Indus rivers. But they said that they would not violate a long-standing water treaty between the countries. However, a source told Reuters that they want the hydropower projects in a fast and developing process. According to the source, they want to “create an atmosphere of goodwill“. And in this particular atmosphere, they will exploit all their rights of theIndus water.


Indus Water Treaty was signed in 1960. But what annoyed Pakistan was not only the ambitious irrigational plans of India but alsoconstructions of thousands of upstream dams by them. But according to India, using of upstream water has been strictly in line with the agreement in 1960. According to the source, India currently generates about 3,000 megawatts of energy from the hydropower plants along rivers in the portion of Kashmir. And it believes in producing 18,000 megawatts of energy.

However, according to the information, New Delhi would decide on whether to restart the construction of Tulbul navigation project that had been suspended many years ago. The project aims atdiverting the water from one of the shared rivers to a city in India that could impact the flows of the downstream.

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