India Could Lose $1.2 Billions as Govt Puts Ban On Diesel Taxi

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Diesel Taxi

Recently, government in Delhi and National Capital Region urged that central government should not ban Taxis which run on diesel. They continued as if diesel taxi is barred from commuting then BPO sector will move towards other countries. It will eventually face a loss of approximately $1.2 billions.

According to Solicitor General, Ranjith Kumar, The ban would affect the business generated by inter-city cabs engaged by the BPOs to ferry employees and this could cost India $1.2 billion.

It may happen that BPO sector may lift their operations and travel or shift overseas. The plea was discussed before Chief Justice, T S Thakur and stated that they would soon file an application over the matter and ensure the safety of the employees working in BPO’s. The event became a mater of issue when Supreme Court banned diesel taxi and gave notice to convert their vehicles to CNG by April 30 by most.

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The Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) said that it would be fine if public vehicles running on diesel help the commuters to reach their places safely and timely and won’t hamper the environment if continued for next 5 more years. The statement was given mainly when Justice Thakur asked regarding commuting of BPO employees in CNG deprived vehicles, then Centre reverted that CNG based vehicles do not get into small or narrow lanes and Diesel Taxis or vehicles alter the things which is very beneficial for female employees working BPO.

After much pleadings to the court, its council informed later that it might rethink over the matter and try to lift the ban on diesel taxis. In fact, vehicles running on diesel not only in Delhi and NCR are facing problem but rather all the taxis and vehicles have been affected as 90% of them have All India Permit which is subsequently hampering the business and safety of people specially those who work in night shifts.

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