Imran Khan’s Controversial Comment on Pakistan and Narendra Modi Post Uri Attack

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Imran Khan’s

The heat of Uri attack is still strong and none of the countries is showing any sigh to fade the tension. Immediately after the attack Indian reacted on Pakistani actors and artists and ordered them to return to their land. Now again Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan mounted a strong attack on India and fuelled the tension. He made a strong comment by saying “not all Pakistanis are as cowardly as Sharif

The Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan said “When I met Modi in India, I told him that a small group of people may try to derail peace process between India and Pakistan. But when the Uri incident took place, India without investigation blamed Pakistan and Modi started hurling threats at Pakistan,”

Imraan souned attacking when he raised question on Modi’s actions. According to him India will bear more loss and Modi’s dream of “shining India” might never be fulfilled if he thinks of getting it with his such inimical attitude.

He did not only stop targeting Modi but accused Nawaz Sharif too. According to him “Nawaz Sharif has great love for money. In United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Sharif reluctantly made a pro-Kashmiri speech. Modi said Nawaz Sharif had not wanted to make that speech but he did so on the pressure of army chief Gen Raheel Sharif.”

He added that the time of Nawaz Sharif is over and it is misfortune of Pakistan that Nawaz Sharif is Pakistan’s Prime Minister. He also brought the topic of Sharif’s corruption revealed in Panama Papers. Imraan is all set to hit the institution that has been tyrannical since years. He has decided that his party will block Islamabad and will not allow Nawaz Sharif to run his government after Muharram. In 2014, Imran Khan had held a four-month sit-in in Islamabad against alleged 2013 general election rigging.

Now how his straight and controversial comment will act and what impact it will bring in the current political scenario only time will tell.

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