Important Facts About Career Options in Journalism Course

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They say the pen is mightier than a sword. Even today Journalism courses is famous amongst the younger generation.However, this course sounds easy and flexible to those who know nothing about it.

Observing facts, writing about them, featuring on the Television screen is not just journalism. All the information you receive through newspapers, television, or social media sitting in the comfort of your home is a hard work done by somebody else.

Journalism includes investigating, analysing and reporting local as well as world events, trends, current affairs, and so on.

For those who are not aware of Journalism course, we have listed down a few facts for your perusal. Scroll down and enlighten yourself.

Networking is everything

In this filed, who you know matters. If you are an OK reporter, but then you have contacts who can help you reach a good position then what is the harm.

So, once you enter the professional realm start interacting with people. In fact, during the tenure of the course, you should also be in touch with your professors as they might help you get into a renowned organisation.

Make your business cards and go to networking events. See if your school has an alumni database.

Being a good writer isn’t enough

One myth that still pertains this field is that a good writer can become a journalist. However, there is no truth in it. Why do you think you have such varied courses in your curriculum.

To get hired you need to be aware of other skills as well. You need to grasp all aspects of what makes a good story: photos, videos, graphics, and more. Your writing skills are an advantage, but having marketing and advertising skills are an added advantage.

You may need your writing skills at a smaller publication, therefore having them doesn’t make you a better writer and an editor.

Campus involvements are crucial

Get yourself involved with everything to anything. Being a journalist, you have to keep your eyes wide open to the surroundings.

Immerse in everything. Join an important newspaper, magazine the TV and radio stations, photography club to get first-hand knowledge of everything. Get experience in every field possible.

Hiring editors want to see that you were involved on campus beyond internships.

Social media is your new BFF

Make Twitter your best friend

Tweet as much as you can on relevant topics, upload quirky pictures on Instagram.Organisations these days have full social media team who handle all the dynamics of the organisation on social media.

Knowing what makes people hit “like” will automatically make you more hireable. Remember to keep it professional across the board.

Get comfortable with deadlines and late nights

People might call it a drawback but isn’t that you have always wished for. You will be working late hours getting the publishing done at the right place.

It’s a unifying, team effort that pays off when you see the issue come to life, but doesn’t be surprised when you’re getting home at 3 a.m. and waking up for the class at 8.

People will tell you-you’re making a big mistake

Are you sure of this field?, Newspapers are dying, its time for digital, late hours are not a good idea. All these statements will be thrown at you by friends and family.

Do not let them deter you from your aim. People will make you feel like you should rethink about the course, but you have to confident enough to know otherwise. Be confident in the direction you’re going.

An individual has a plethora of options once he has completed the journalism course. A writer, an editor, a correspondent, an advertiser, a marketer these are few of the options you have.

Are you also planning to jump in this exciting field, then join a media school immediately.

You can consider looking at Pearl Academy’s website as they have a lot of good courses under the school of media. Visit the website in case of further inquiries.

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