Importance of Python Training For Network Engineers

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The world of network engineering and management is constantly changing and to keep up with the pace of changes one needs all the help he can get from learning the advanced skills of different programming languages. The dramatic change in the time span of validating and development of new servers, routers and operating systems and putting them in production has led to a complete revolution in the programming industry.

The Context of Python’s Adoption


Several years ago, the service used to put some time in validating a new service (router, OS version, and configuration) for few months before using it in the mainframe. These days, the time consumption for enabling new services has decreased, which eventually led to the development of APIs for monitoring and configuration of the network elements directly.

However, with the advent of Software defined networking (SDN) which functionally allowed the programmers to access the network programmatically gave a push to the network engineers to become efficient at orchestration techniques and automated management, and so on. The only context that lead to the significant adoption of Python was how to adapt to this trend.

In other words, network administrators were figuring out how to stay updated in a couple of years. When more network engineer job descriptions required sort of scripting skills, Python immediately saw an increase in demand.

Significance of Python

Once when Python came in demand, the network engineers using shell scripts needed a way to automate network management tasks, apart from server tasks. Even the experts from CISCO prefer Python training for network engineers.

Python is a modern age programming language with simplicity and is equipped enough to become a convenient tool for daily tasks, performance management, and configuration. Most of the SDKs are available in Python and there is a vast amount of libraries.

The future

Now the question that has been really bothering all network engineers is that whether they have to become programmers in the future. But we believe that even with the drift towards cloud, virtualization, SDN etc. does not imply that network engineers will lose their significance.

When a newly trained application designer will complain that his call to the API doesn’t work out as per the expectations, a network engineer will still be needed to troubleshoot! The best and the most proficient network engineers would be the ones who could script their automated network-related tasks, and are able to create their own services directly within the network, along with modifying their scripts on the fly.


An effective Python training gives the essential and much needed boost to the programming skills of network engineers so that they can keep up with the software revolution happening every now and then.

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