Implementation of CDN Service for Accelerated Performance

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Customer expectations are increasing steadily every day that is strongly driving the demands of various website performances. Every business aims to outshine others and offer exponential supply to meet the requirements. Yet, it is found that few of the websites fall short of the performance and are plagued with a delayed response.

Today, the audience is looking at a quick response rate from websites, especially while loading. Usually, an average customer will wait for 2-5 seconds for any website to load post which they will move onto another website. In order to ensure that you have great uptime, you need to choose the CDN service provider after weighing all your options.

How to Overcome the Performance Issues?

Clients tend to modify or totally discard websites that take more time to load, this leads to a loss of the business. The key to achieving an enhanced uptime and satisfied customer is CDN or Content Delivery Network. It helps accelerate the website performance along with the strategic utilization of the tools associated with it. CDN service ensures you hit the target by achieving a higher rank and elevating your customer experience. Through this article, you will understand the rightful implementation of CDN to seamlessly reach a global audience.

ABCs of Content Delivery Network

CDN is highly beneficial for business growth as well as network infrastructure. It has a collection of servers which is cached with static contents of the web page. These are located at various points and are called edge servers. The motto of duplicating the content to these servers is to reduce the geographical distance between the server and end users.

It dilutes the rush of traffic and manages the distribution strategically. The content routing and user requests are met efficiently with CDN in conjugation with the factors like speed, proximity, latency, availability, and more.

CDN Service

Performance of the Websites without CDN

Let us have a look at the flow of the activities when you don’t have CDN in between the server and clients:

  • The user initiates a request through a search engine.
  • The browser prepares the request and sends it to the host server, which is known as browser time request.
  • The request is transferred over the internet between the browser and data center.
  • The request reaches the server and the necessary actions are accomplished before preparing the response.
  • The response is carried through the internet to the browser.
  • The site downloads and analyzes the response before delivering it to the user.

These steps take a longer time to deliver the response, which might lead to the loss of business.

Performance of the Websites with CDN

Let us consider the scenarios when you incorporate CDN between the server and end user:

  • After initiating a request by the user, it is delivered to the nearest edge server.
  • The travel time of the request is negligible due to a reduced geographical distance between the user and node.
  • Upon receiving the request, the relevant information is found from the cache before delivering it to the user.
  • The response again travels a very short distance.
  • The browser downloads and analyzes the information to deliver the same.

Analysis of Scenarios

From both the scenarios, it is evident that the intervention of CDN in a system accelerates the performance in a remarkable way. Since the metrics of the front-end and back-end remains unchanged in a non-CDN system, the lag of in between leads to a blind spot. Hence, it is inevitable to monitor the website to enhance the response rate. Incorporation of CDN offers numerous benefits and changes the performance due to the following reasons:

  • Shorter distance between the user and edge server leads to depleted latency.
  • Back-end time is eliminated as the request reaches the edge server and not the host server.
  • CDN avails the fastest routing option and utilizes TCP optimization. This fine-tunes the performance barriers and delivers the finest output.

Advantages of Implementing CDN

Implementation of CDN becomes imminent when media-rich websites are concerned. Even the web pages that receive higher traffic need CDN for depleted downtime. The advantages of CDN are as follows:

  • Faster content loading.
  • Reduced response time to deliver the contents to the end users.
  • Can be consolidated with cloud models, giving the websites an opportunity to scale the resources.
  • Capable of handling the peak time traffic.
  • Privacy and concerns of the data security are addressed efficiently.

Which Web Pages Gets Benefitted by CDN the Most?

Some of the real-time applications extract the most beneficial features of the CDN, which are as follows:

  • E-commerce Websites– The products and services offered by the e-commerce websites are made visible to a global set of clients with the help of CDN. It also aids in managing a huge online footfall during discounts and offers. The consistent uptime ensures the website performance and retention of customers.
  • Advertising & Media– CDN elevates the performance of these web pages by improving the streaming contents. This ensures the clients are able to access the media-rich information like breaking news, online & multimedia games, movies, and more without lag.
  • Educational Websites– Online education involves live lectures, which can’t be accomplished without CDN.
  • Business Web Pages- CDN makes sure a seamless interaction between the user and website is established to offer improved services to the corporate businesses. It also takes the website to a higher rank, earning more traffic.


Closer proximity can lead to the solution of various issues when the internet is concerned. CDN service offers precisely the same to meet the elevating demands of the users. It is also essential to avail the service from a competent service provider to ensure maximum benefits. Connect with to avail the most desired benefits of CDN service.

CDN shares your digital assets with various nodes, improving the response time and latency. Fill the breaches of your infrastructure by incorporating CDN in your system along with elevating the performance. It is evident from aforementioned scenarios that a reasonable investment can pave the way to greater returns in the future.

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