Ideas To Build A YouTube Audience

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Ideas To Build A YouTube Audience

YouTube is one of the largest social networks. With the increasing number of internet users, there is a drastic rise in the number of YouTube users, making it a lucrative platform for content creators. If you want to learn how you can build a YouTube audience base, below-mentioned are a few tips that can help you to successfully promote your business ideas:


  • Make helpful content to build trust among the audience – When you plan to make a YouTube video, you should make sure that the video is helpful and rich in quality to the audience so that you can build a relationship with them. Once the quality of your videos or YouTube channel is proven among the audience, then there is a high possibility that they will come back to see your new videos. Some popular video formats on YouTube are:
    • Questions and Answers
    • Vlogs
    • Tutorials
    • Educational
    • Product reviews

Ideas To Build A YouTube Audience

Thus, you can build trust among the YouTube audience as they rely on you to seek answers for their problems, and they like you for that. 


  • Build the audience with content exclusivity – You should make sure that your YouTube audience is aware that the video content provided by your YouTube channel is exclusive. It is different and better than your competitor’s. To create exclusive content, you can follow the following tips:
    • Create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) if they don’t watch your video.
    • Firstly, release the video to a select group.


Thus, when you make a YouTube video, to grab the audience’s attention, you can create a little mystery that would engage the audience to keep watching the video.


  • Provide important and specific context to every video – You should clearly state what your video is about. Being specific about the context conveys to the audience that you value their time and encourages them to view more of your videos. The context can be provided on following lines:
    • The title can explain the main topic of the video.
    • Description can explain in detail about the products or services offered \.
    • Focus on the web page text as it helps the audience decide if they wish to watch the video.
    • Video thumbnails can help clarify what the video is about.
    • In the first ten seconds, let the audience know the main points of the video that would encourage them to further watch the video.


  • Be consistent in uploading the content to build a YouTube audience – You can experiment with the content, and it may vary for every video. But you should be consistent and stick to a consistent publishing date of your content as it is important for a YouTube creator and lets the audience know when they should look for the content. Additionally, you should also be consistent about the following:
    • When you upload a YouTube video. For instance, if you upload it on Wednesday, then the audience would expect it every Wednesday. 
    • Be consistent about the content. If you are an expert in skateboarding, then you should not suddenly publish videos of trees.
    • You should promote your videos in the same pattern as earlier such as email, websites, social media platforms, and others. 
    • Replying to the comments on your videos is a great option to build audience engagement.


Ideas To Build A YouTube Audience

  • Test the content – You should always verify whether the content is working with the audience. You can analyze various parameters such as is the video helping the audience, is it what they really want, is the video entertaining to keep the audience engaged, and others. In addition, analyze the competitors’ videos regarding how they are promoting their videos and compare the performance of their videos with your video. The content on which you can keep a check are as follows:
    • Title – Is the title performing better than the others?
    • Thumbnails – Do they engage the viewers?
    • Video length – Is the length of the video able to attract the audience’s attention?
    • Video context – What type of information should you include in the video?
    • First 10 seconds – These are important to keep the viewers engaged
    • Type of video – Which type of video attracts the attention of the viewers?
    • Analyze the time – When does your audience view the video (time frame can be between 9 AM to Noon on Monday)? Then you can upload the videos at that time slot for better viewership. 


Ideas To Build A YouTube Audience

  • Collaborate to build an audience base for your YouTube video – Even if you are creating your content solo, it is not necessary that you have to promote the video by yourself. You can get help for your promotions in the following ways:
    • Get help from other YouTubers – You can either opt for a course that would help you learn about building a YouTube audience. Also, you can seek help from likely people who have experience in building a YouTube audience. 
    • Collaborate with other creators – You can collaborate with other creators who are targeting the same audience as yours. Cross-promoting, appearing in the videos together and other branding strategies help target new viewers as you can reach out to a new audience base. 
    • Increase your audience base with the help of your current circle – You can share your video with the email list, employees of your company, friends, and others to watch. 


  • Make the video appear in search results – Getting ranked on search engines is important; thus, search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in building a YouTube audience. Below-mentioned are some of the tips that can help you to grow your reach:
    • Be specific to the content of your title and description as it makes your video more searchable.
    • You should proactively answer the client’s questions rather than explaining and glorifying the sales. This will give more value to the viewers, and they would be more inclined to like, share, and subscribe to your video.
    • The title, description, and thumbnail of the video should clearly convey to the viewers why they should click the link and watch the video.


Creating a YouTube video is a key for your video and content marketing, and building a YouTube audience is far beyond just posting the videos. Thus, all the above-mentioned tips would help you to build your brand and grow your online presence. 

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