ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Schedule Announced, With Clash of India Pakistan Match

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ICC Champions Trophy 2017

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 has declared its schedule which will start from June 1, exactly one year later to this date. India has taken an initiative to campaign against Pakistan, who will face each other in one of the matches.

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England will play the host country with its first match against Bangladesh in the one-month series. The tournament will start on June 1, 2017, to June 18, 2017. All the games will play in different venues with separate time-zone.

International Cricket Council (ICC) has handed over the schedules and patterns of the play-off to the respective companies. All the participating teams have been divided into two groups; Group A and Group B. Below is mentioned the team names under groups.

GROUP A                                                 GROUP B

ENGLAND                                                   INDIA

AUSTRALIA                                                PAKISTAN

NEW ZEALAND                                          SRI LANKA

BANGLADESH                                           SOUTH AFRICA

The stadiums which have been decided as match venues are Oval, Cardiff and Edgbaston where all the categorical will be carried on. It includes league matches, semi-final and Final match between two Groups. The selection of the respective 8 countries have been through ICC One Day International Ranking done until September 30, 2015. All of them qualified after a continuous performance irrespective of any matches. Any how, Bangladesh managed to book its berth by hovering West Indies.

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Champion Trophy was started as ICC Knock-Out Tournaments in 1998 but soon came into being as Champions Trophy in 2003. It hosts a series of One Day International cricket matches played during Day time or Day-Night time. Currently, India is the record holder winner in the tournament. Previously, India brought the trophy home by winning title twice simultaneously. Other than this, Australia has also managed to win Champions Trophy for two years.

The tournament comprises of team player of 8 and has to score as much within 50:50 overs. Chris Gayle has won the title of Most Runs made by a Batsman scoring 791 not-out where as Most wickets taken by Bowler Kyle Mills hands on with 28.

According to CEO of ICC, David Richardson, The tournament is a short and sharp event, which is followed and enjoyed by the spectators and players alike. ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is not just an ODI competition, it carries a great deal of value since it is being played just three months before the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 qualification cut-off date. As such, every point earned here could be crucial.

The sole motto to make a prior announcement for the tournament that all the 8 teams will get slot of 12 long months to prepare themselves with sufficient time in hands. The time amid appearing in England, the teams would gather a lot of points to set goals directly and enter the 2019 extravaganza.

That’s not it, The countries, including England and Wales, will be hosting line of other tournaments. It would be the first time that they will come forward with back to back three matches. Right after ICC Champions Trophy 2017, ICC Women’s World Cup will be hoisted covering up behind ICC World Cup 2019.

David was heard quoting that, “These three competitions will provide the culturally diverse society of the United Kingdom as well as travelling fans from across the globe an opportunity to watch live action and follow their favourite players and sides.”

Schedules of Day and Day/Night Matches

June 1 – England v Bangladesh, The Oval (d)

June 2 – Australia v New Zealand, Edgbaston (d)

June 3 – Sri Lanka v South Africa, The Oval (d)

June 4 – India v Pakistan, Edgbaston (d)

June 5 – Australia v Bangladesh, The Oval (d/n)

June 6 – England v New Zealand, Cardiff (d)

June 7 – Pakistan v South Africa, Edgbaston (d/n)

June 8 – India v Sri Lanka, The Oval (d)

June 9 – New Zealand v Bangladesh, Cardiff (d)

June 10 – England v Australia, Edgbaston (d)

June 11 – India v South Africa, The Oval (d)

June 12 – Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Cardiff (d)

June 14 – First semi-final (A1 v B2), Cardiff (d)

June 15 – Second semi-final (A2 v B1), Edgbaston (d)

June 18- Final, The Oval (d)

June 19 – Reserve day (d)

(d) as Day Matches and (d/n) as Day/Night Matches

Therefore, cricket lovers might not start biting nails from today, but of course a year passing by needless woo up the situation. ICC Champions Trophy 2017 starting from June 1 skips cricket lovers heart beat from today itself.

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