I Was Embarrassed And Humiliated, I Couldn’t Write Anything In The Exam, Says the Horror Victim Of NEET.

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The entrance exam for NEET was held on Sunday, 7th May and it was one exam that has left many stories behind that question the education system in India. Like other entrance examinations, NEET has its own rule and a pre-described dress code, the invigilators were also asked to follow the rules handbook strictly but, this time, and things went far beyond the line.

An 18-year-old girl who appeared for the NEET at a medical entrance exam center in Kannur narrates the story of her harassment by the invigilators, who in their own cruel way, were following the rules set for the examination.

The girl was asked to remove her innerwear before she could appear for the examination. The girl says it caused her embarrassment and humiliation to such an extent that she was not able to pay attention to what she was there for and that is writing the exam.

Recounting the tormenting time in the examination hall, the medical student says, “I was accompanied by my mother and brother when I went to write the test at the Kovvappuram TISK English Medium School near Kunhimangalam. I was frisked inside a temporary shed outside the exam hall. There were four women to frisk me,” “They told me I could not enter the hall in the black churidar bottom I was wearing. It was a Sunday and not all shops were open. We had to hire an auto rickshaw and travel for two and a half kilometers to buy another one.

“Back in the school, they checked me again with a metal detector. This time the machine beeped. They asked me if I was hiding a mobile phone or any other object inside my churidar. I said it could be the metal hooks of my bra. I even showed them the hook but they did not believe me.

“They insisted that I remove my bra if I were to write the exam. I requested them to let me use the washroom in the school but they told me to go somewhere else. The exam was about to start. I removed my bra in front of them and handed it over to my mother.

“There were other candidates waiting to be frisked. I was totally shattered. I did not understand what was happening. I could not write anything for half an hour after the test started. I could only attend the questions in the biology section. I was that stressed,” she said.

The students were mentally harassed, their long kurtas were chopped, sleeves were cut and earrings were removed, tell the distressed parents. The incident created an uproar and The State Human Rights Commission was fast enough to look into the matter. Taking the investigation further the board has given a three-week deadline to the CBSE regional director and the district superintendent of police to submit their reports. Also, the panel has cleared that the investigation must be held to high standards.

P. Mohandas, the Commission acting chairman also requested invention by the National Human Rights Commission. CBSE is also expected to submit a report to the State Child Rights Protection Commission on the same issue. For the Delhi & Thiruvananthapuram regional office, the deadline to submit the report is 10 days.

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