Just within a couple of days of its launch, Hyderabad metro is facing a series of complaints from the public about its affordability and other issues. People have taken to social media to complain to authorities about the issues that the public transport has and they have been voicing their concerns all the way up to ministers and senior rail authorities. The demands for the reduction in the fare of the Metro are already getting stronger just within two days. The public was quite ecstatic about riding the new rail but have now resorted to complaining about it on social media.

Metro Hyderabad

A citizen with a Twitter handle @chang100, tagged minister K Taraka Rama Rao and Metro rail authorities, tweeting, “Dont worry sir… Once the initial euphoria dies down, the ridership will come down to 30-40 per cent of the current levels. Thanks for the steep fares.” Another citizen, Ashish Mehta said in a post, “I travelled from Rasoolpura to JNTU paying 60 in fare and another 20 for connecting share autos to reach my workplace. The same distances costs much lesser in Delhi Metro. Moreover, even in terms of time taken, it is similar to driving in a car.”

Metro Hyderabad

The most common complaint has been the comparison of the metro rail prices between Hyderabad and other cities. Another citizen with a Twitter handle @lagisetty tweeted, “#Hyderabadmetro Great ride but a costly ride!! I think high ticket cost will result in low volumes, neccesitating far higher priced tickets for viability. It will be a vicious cycle! Hope for the best!!. (sic)” Many other users complained about the parking issues outside the Metro stations and some also said that the actual malls/offices/homes/places that people visit are more than the walking distance from the stations. There were also some people who complained about the lack of signboards on the platforms which created confusion regarding the platform number and arrival times.

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