Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361: Togashi and Takeuchi Unites, Likely To Release in 2017

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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361

The nation’s as well as neighbouring countries most preferred and highly anticipated manga as well as anime series Hunter X Hunter is all set to have 2017 release.  The following series will be aired soon on television with Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 manga series to be out shortly henceforth a surprise awaiting for the fans. The news comes as that the maker of manga Togashi has united with Takeuchi (his wife), so as to complete it on time.

The manga series creator Yoshihiro Togashi has started helping his wife Naoko Takeuchi to speed up the work for the anime series despite the severe backache issues suffered by Togashi. The plans are to speedily finish the work and release Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 by February 2017. The work went unfinished when Togashi complained regarding the severe back pains, thus Takeuchi handling the rest of the work. Takeuchi, herself is a renowned anime creator thus being highly acclaimed for her work in “Sailor Moon”. The much applauded 1991 manga series received positive reviews from all over and thus by seeing this, experts say Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 is in “good hands”.

The earlier parts of the series Hunter X Hunter 34th volume comprised of a compilation of Chapter 351 to 360 which is currently not mentioned anywhere. Unfortunately, the following volume is nowhere to be found. Although, the series last volume 33rd titled as “Yakusai (Threats) got released in June 2016 which happened to be the first volume within three years. Hunter X Hunter Volume 33 included Plucky Gon’s quest to find his dad leads him into a whole new world of crazy adventure. (shared by

One of the editors belonging to Shonen JUMP revealed that the chapters will be most likely very short. 24 chapters got finished within a time span of 2 years out of which only 11 chapters have been published. Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 might be one of the best manga ever made as Takeuchi is working diligently for the series.

The first season is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, etc and anime home release will be on October 25, 2016.

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