Huawei’s Concept Phone Does Not Sport Front and Rear Physical Cameras

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Smartphone makers Huawei have been in the news quite a number of times in recent times on account of their latest smartphones in the Mate Line. However, there have been a considerable amount of talks regarding the company introducingtheir new concept phone into the market alongside their regular line of devices. Although this was basically being considered a rumour till now, there has now been new reports confirming this particular statement.


According to Gizmochina, Chief Scientist at Huawei-owned Watt Laboratory, Dr Li Yangxing may just have confirmed the existence of the concept machine when he was announcing the breakthrough Huawei has made in Graphene-Assisted battery technology. The scientist added thatthe battery has been commercialised and Huaweiplans to announce a phone with the super-quick charge function by late December. Popularindustry analystPan Jiutang has earlier hinted that Huawei’s concept smartphone would feature Samsung’s customised four -curved screen and would be equipped with a number of sensors as well as capable of achieving artificial intelligence. nOw the analyst’s latest report stated that the device will feature fast-charging technology.

Not much information is available regarding this future offering from Huawei, but a number of reports astonishingly state thatconcept phone is said to come withoutphysical cameras at the front and rear, fingerprint sensor, no visible physical capacitive keys, neither is there any visible speakers, headphone jack or any other physical feature. Based on these statements, it is automatically assumed that the smartphone will come out with paired up accessories like third-party-madeheadsets, smart band or watch, external camera or even implant devices.

Huawei has chosen to remain tight-lipped about their concept device as of now with the Chinese company not revealing any substantial piece of information regarding the release of the price of the device. However, we are expecting that the device will surface soon and head for a late December launch.

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