Among the leading smartphone making brands which have gained prominence over the last few years, Huawei is definitely going to feature. And why not? They have come up with some incredible smartphones in the recent times and are in the news for yet another one which is also expected to be coming with some great features. The leaked image of that smartphone which is reported to come out as Huawei P10 reveals that the Fingerprint Scanner will feature on the front of the device.

Huawei P10 Leaked Image
The leaked images of the Huawei P10 reveal a lot regarding the probable specifications of the device

The leaked image has revealed that the Huawei P10 is going to be a look alike of the Huawei P9. The front camera and the fingerprint sensor which are noticed in the leaked image look very much like the latest flagship device which is available in the market. This promises the fact that there won’t be too much of an upgrade in the design of the upcoming flagship device from Huawei. One thing that might change is that the fingerprint scanner will come embedded on the ‘Home’ screen which is probably going to be located on the groove which can be seen in the leaked image.

Along with this, the Huawei P10 is perhaps going to retain the flat design of the Huawei P9 as the report from Gizmochina suggests. Rumours came up that the latest flagship device from Huawei is going to have a curved display, but the leaked images defy those previous rumours. And in the end, it might come with a flat design. Perhaps a later smartphone from Huawei will feature the curved screens.

Other than this the previous rumours have stated that the Huawei P10 is going to come out with a 2.3GHz Octa-Core Huawei Kirin 960 processor coupled with a 6 GB RAM. The phone will perhaps come with 256 GB internal memory. Also, speculations have revealed that the device will run on an Android 7.0 Nougat operating system right out of the box. The leaked images of the smartphone have revealed that it will feature a LED flash alongside a dual camera setup. This boosts the earlier rumours that the Huawei P10 will come with a LED flash alongside a dual-lens camera.

Regarding the release date of the Huawei P10, we have very little information and we expect the device to make its appearance sometime in the year 2017. But nothing has been mentioned officially by its manufacturer which will keep all the tech enthusiasts waiting for a while regarding the actual release date as well as the probable features of the device. However, the leaked images have provided some sort of information which will make the followers of all the developments regarding the Huawei P10 pretty expectant about the phone to be a high-end one.

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