Huawei Launches Its Largest Global Service Centre in India

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Chinese telecom giants Huawei have finally launched its largest global service centre in India with an investment of Rs. 136 crores as in the initial stage today in Bengaluru. The centre will possess its most crucial projects in comparison to its other enterprising project located in other global service centres like China, Mexico and Romania.

The launch of such service centre might help in boosting up revenue growth in the country along with a reaffirmation of the commitments made in India from the Chinese-based company Huawei. The initial capital amount of hundred crores of currency is a good start to gear up the projects as well as a certain push to ‘Make in India‘ initiative led by Union Cabinet.

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As of now, India’s global service centre will handle more than 50 projects at a time thus providing support to almost 300 nations situated in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, in global terms. With time it has also faced an increment in global subscribers who have risen to 350 million to whom the firm provides services day in and day out. Currently, the technology firm has recruited more than 2,000 engineers, network operation specialists, support staff, ground staff, custodians, management executives, etc to work in the centre. All in all, it has the capacity of backing up almost 5,000 employees at a time.

The global service centre of Huawei recently inaugurated in Bengaluru on August 27, 2016, will mainly progress its task in the Research and Development segment in the Centre. The respective unit happens to be world’s largest centre with a maximum number of projects thus handling it in its own manner along with being operation 24*7/365 days.

On the Shenzen Stock Exchange, Huawei Technologies closed on 28.85 Yen with points sloping down by .18 at the rate of 0.62%. It opened on a small note of 002502 recording a .62% slope. Though, at the beginning of the day, it started at 29 points but later closed .18 points lower.  The P/E Ration stood at 64.79 wherein Market Cap settled at 12.48 billion Yen.

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