HTC U Ultra with 12 MP Camera Set to be Unveiled Soon

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HTC U Ultra

It has been quite a while that we have been getting news and updates regarding upcoming smartphone devices from different brands across the world. And here we are with news stating that the Taiwan-based smartphone making brand HTC is all set to unveil their latest smartphone HTC U Ultra very shortly. It is expected that the highlighting feature of the device is going to be the camera which is believed to be at par with the camera of the Google Pixel or even better.

It is a known fact that HTC will is set to hold an event on January 12 which has led to the speculations that the smartphone making brand will come up with the all new HTC U Ultra in that event. And reports have come in that the HTC U Ultra has performed decently enough to heighten the expectations of all the tech enthusiasts who have been waiting for an update regarding this upcoming smartphone. The rear camera of the HTC U Ultra has got a rating of 89 points in the DxOMark testing which is at par with the 12.3-megapixel camera of the Google Pixel. 89 has been the highest rating point as far as the rear cameras of the smartphones of recent times are concerned. So it won’t be too much of a surprise if HTC U Ultra comes out with some incredible camera features when it is officially unveiled.

Along with that, it is expected that the HTC U Ultra is going to have a secondary display like the LG V20 which has the additional Always-On Display feature. Under the hood, the HTC U Ultra is expected to surface with a Snapdragon 821 processor and run on an Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. The RAM is expected to be of 4 GB. The leaked images that have been revealed recently come up with the fact that the HTC U Ultra is going to sport a 5.7-inch Quad HD display.

Also previously speculations were high that the upcoming HTC U Ultra would come out without the 3.5 mm headphone jack. And the users of the smartphone would be able to use the USB Type-C port for headphone purposes. Expectations are there that the device will come out with a battery backup of 4,000 mAh.

However, it remains to be seen what the features of the HTC U Ultra turn out to be once the smartphone hits the market. Till then, we have to keep on waiting. It’s not going to be a long wait for, as stated above, HTC might unveil the device at the event on January 12.

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