HTC U Ultra Limited Edition Set To be Available on the Market Shortly

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HTC U Ultra

HTC has been on a role of late and with the passage of time, it is getting much bigger for the Taiwan-based smartphone developer. Today we came across a news from the world of technology which has revealed the fact that HTC is all set to come up with a new edition of the HTC U Ultra which has already been released quite a few days back.

HTC U Ultra limited edition is launched with a bigger internal storage

The new smartphone is going to be an updated edition of the originally launched HTC U Ultra which came to the fore a few days back. And this does come as a surprise for the fans who have kept a close eye on the developments in the world of technology. This is because it was expected that HTC will come out with a new smartphone but instead they have released an updated edition of the already popular HTC U Ultra.

There won’t be too much of a change in the specs of the device as it is just the updated version of the HTC U Ultra. However, there are a couple of things which have been upgraded and one of those is in the native storage of the device. The internal storage of the originally launched HTC U Ultra was set at 64 GB which has been revamped to 128 GB in this smartphone. Along with this change, the newly launched device will come with a Sapphire Glass display which is also something new for the smartphone from HTC. This will, in fact, enhance the durability of the smartphone which otherwise might just get damaged by a simple scratch.

The limited edition HTC U Ultra comes with a price tag of 62,000 INR and for the time being, the smartphone will be available on the Taiwanese markets only. What remains to be seen is the fact that if the smartphone is made available by the developers for the other countries in the different parts of the world.

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