HTC U Smartphone with Premium Specs appears on AnTuTu

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A new upcoming HTC smartphone has been rumored for a while now. The source of the anticipation comes from the company itself after they announced that they would launch three new devices during the first quarter of 2017. And while they have already made two smartphones official this year, the third one is yet to come. This latter device is said to be in the works right now under the name HTC Ocean, also knows as the HTC U.

The HTC Ocean has already been at the center of a number of rumors in the recent past, with the device figuring in several new leaks over the weeks. However, there are plenty of confusions about the name itself, and now that a new HTC smartphone has appeared on AnTuTu carrying the name HTC CBP, we wonder if it is the same Ocean/ U smartphone that we have been expecting.

The HTC CBP smartphone speculated to be the HTC U shows off some impressive specs.

It is quite possible that all these devices are the same one after all, especially when we consider what it might carry inside. The HTC Ocean leaks that we saw hinted at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 under the hood, and so does the HTC model listed on AnTuTu. Many of the other specs are also comparable, including a 2560×1440 display, 16 MP rear camera, 12 MP secondary camera, and 4GB RAM. Besides having these in common, the device listed as the HTC CBP will also come with an Adreno 540 GPU. Coming to the HTC U, it is also supposed to pack in a 5.5-inch Edge display, and it will run Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box.

If we round up all the specs, the HTC Ocean/ HTC U looks like a complete flagship package. The smartphone comes after the unveiling of the HTC U Ultra and the HTC U Play, neither of which boast of such all-around premium specs as the upcoming smartphone which will undoubtedly be the torchbearer of the U series.

There is currently no information about when the HTC U/ Ocean will launch, but going by the benchmark clearance, it might not be too far away. However, Samsung’s necessity for the initial shipments of the SD 835 chipset has forced all other smartphones to come with the same to be delayed. We probably won’t be seeing the new offering from the Taiwanese company emerge before May.

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