HTC Teases New Smartphone; Could be HTC Ocean or HTC 11

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HTC 11

It has been just a few days that we came across the HTC U Ultra. And here we are with news related to yet another smartphone which has been teased by the smartphone developers based in Taiwan. It is not yet sure what the features of the new smartphone is going to be or when it is going to be released, but we can be assured of the fact that HTC has been on a roll right at this moment with the new smartphones coming out very frequently.

HTC teases new smartphone on their official page in Facebook

The new smartphone has been teased by the developers on their Facebook page and has already grabbed the attention of a number of tech enthusiasts across the world. It came as a real surprise for all as it has been just a few days that HTC came up with the new flagship device. So within a gap of only a few days, this new teaser of yet another smartphone is definitely something really unexpected.

2017.03.20HTC 將給你意想不到的驚喜

Posted by HTC Taiwan on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The teaser that has been released by HTC comes with a message “Spring is coming” which is embedded on a leafy background. This new teaser should not come too much as a surprise for those who have kept an eye on the development of the smartphones from the house of HTC. But the surprise lies in the fact that it could well be the HTC 11 or HTC Ocean which has been in the news for quite some time now.

So it remains to be seen which smartphone comes out when HTC officially unveils the new smartphone which they have hinted at on their Facebook page. As things stand now, expectations are high that it could well be a new smartphone that will up for competing with the best ones that will be released within a few days or are already available on the market.

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