HTC Ocean Note will See a Significant Improvement in Camera Specs

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HTC Ocean Note

HTC Ocean Note: The upcoming HTC Ocean smartphone has been at the centre of speculations for a while now. We have already heard reports out of Taiwan that HTC is expected to introducethree new smartphones under its Ocean line up in the coming year. But among them, particular attention and emphasis has been laid by sources on the HTC Ocean Note, said to be the most impressive of all three. Needless to say, most of the rumours doing the rounds have to do with the Ocean Note smartphone. And now we have several other clues about what to expect from the device.

HTC Ocean Note

According to Taiwanese sources, the upcoming HTC Ocean Note smartphone will be a standout device, thanks to its remarkable features. Though we don’t have too many details about the upcoming smartphone, some leaked renders of the device helped us gain an insight into what we can expect from it. Being of the Note variety, we can expect the HTC Ocean Note to come with a display of around 5.7 inches, and the images that have shown up suggest this likelihood withoutconfirming anything.

However, a few other aspects of the device are clear as daylight. The first thing you will notice about the HTC Ocean Note smartphone is the large display that is flanked by absolutely zero physical buttons. And as far as we can tell, there is none on the sides either, at least in the traditional sense. One other thing that has interested some folks is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, but that isn’t something entirely new to the company.

The main focus, though, is on two features- the display and the camera. According to reports, the HTC Ocean Note will come with a dual-curved display, much like the current crop of high-end flagships from Samsung. On the camera front, the HTC Ocean Note will reportedly pack in some serious improvements. HTC users are well aware of the fact that the company is far behind other manufacturers in this particular department, and it looks like they’re tryingto address that issue with what could be the “highest ranking from DxOMark” on a smartphone camera. Specific details are not yet known, however, but from what we hear, the camera unit on the HTC Ocean Note could be really refined.

The HTC Ocean Note is expected to be unveiled along with two other variants on January 12 at a company event. They will be available commercially from the last week of January, with the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

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