HTC 11 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features and Design

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HTC 11

HTC 11: With a new design, upgraded specs and innovative features, no doubt HTC 10 comes as a breeze of fresh air for the fans and also provides the company with a huge boost, as the Taiwan-based company was lagging behind in the rat race of the Smartphone market. But, still, albeit of all the changes, HTC 10 lacks the spark, which gives the other flagships like Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s edge over the HTC 10. So HTC has already started rectifying these areas and with HTC 11 release date is around the corner, in this article, we will discuss the probable HTC 11 features, design, display, and most importantly HTC 11 probable price. So be with us and scroll down the page to get all the information about the upcoming HTC 11.

HTC 11 Release Date
HTC 11 sport curved screen like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

HTC 11: Design

Update: The smartphone that is likely to be announced in 2017 and rumour has it that it’ll feature a curved edge screen, like that of the Galaxy S7 Edge. As per WCCTech, the rumour comes out of China and states that the HTC 11 will be taking one significant note from Samsung by incorporating a new curved screen display. We don’t know if it’ll be a dual-curved edge display or a single screen. The publication reports the handset will have sport a QHD panel, but as to the underlying technology, it’s a mystery. With OLED panel, HTC will be making a transition to newer and efficient panels that make the display of the phone bright and vibrant.

HTC One was a magnificent looking phone and with HTC One M8 and One M9, the charm and the appeal of the handset only gets better and better. But with HTC 10, the tech giant messed up everything pretty badly and thus the flagship comes as a full metal bodied chunky handset with chamfered edges. So, we hope HTC will look into these matters and will make the upcoming phone a premium looking undisputed beauty with the appeal of its predecessors.

HTC 11: Build

If HTC has to stay in the race, they have to incorporate some features which are not easily available on other phones. Waterproofing is a technology which has not been a standard feature on the smartphones, yet, and the Taiwanese company should take the advantage of it. Sony and Samsung have already put the waterproofing technology in their respective flagships, and it is interesting to see whether HTC 11 also comes with a waterproof build or not. Because a splash of water or a sudden rain can’t destroy your gadget, you have bought with thousand of bucks.

HTC 11: Display

It is not that HTC 10’s display is unimpressive, it is sharp and comes with a good contrast ratio, but in the brightness front, the phone lacks a big time. The problem of having a phone with low brightness is that it gets hard to see what you are doing, particularly when you are watching a video on your phone. So we expect that HTC 11 will be unveiled with a more pumped up brightness. And if we talk about the display size, the speculations are HTC 11 will flaunt a 5.5-inch display with Quad High Definition (HD) resolution.

HTC 11: Camera

HTC 10 is featured with a great, powerful camera accompanied with loads of features. But when you compare the image quality of HTC 10 with other flagships like Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s, you can vividly spot the difference between the two images.

Another problem with the HTC 10’s camera is, the features are not user-friendly at all and is a bit complicated for a layman photographer. As a user, we don’t want to mess around with the Pro mode or the RAW format, but we only want to point and shoot the picture with confidence.

Another big negative point of the handset’s camera is the performance at the low light. It is both surprising and shameful that a flagship of a renowned mobile making company offers the users such poor low light capabilities, especially when taking a picture of a moving body under the low light.

So we are almost sure that HTC 11 will come with a user-friendly, easy to take picture, with superb performance under bright light, low light, and every other realistic situation.

According to the latest rumours, HTC 11 will sport a 12 megapixels camera and will also come the UltraPixel (HTC UltraPixelTM 2 with 1.55μm pixel) technology, which is already present at the HTC 10. Moreover, the primary camera will be supported by laser autofocus, OIS, BMI sensor, dual tone LED flash and 4K video recording, among others. 5 megapixels (1.34μm pixels) front camera will also be included to take the best selfies.

HTC 11: Speakers

Audio has always been a strong suit for HTC, and the HTC 10 is certainly not an exception too. The phone supports Hi-Res audio and also comes with BoomSound speakers. But unlike the other HTC handsets, instead of the front side, the speakers of HTC 10 are placed on the top and bottom edge of the handset. Not only that, but the company has also split the high and low frequencies between the two speakers so that the sounds get more distinctive and separated. But, this move does not pay off very well, and hopefully HTC will again release the upcoming flagship with dual front-facing speakers.

HTC 11: Battery

 HTC has improved the battery life of HTC 10 a lot, which is a commendable thing, taking into the consideration of piss-poor battery life of the other HTC phones. But still the phone lag behind when you consider the battery lives of other flagships of the rival companies. So we hope HTC 11 will be powered by a more powerful battery, more than 3000 mAh battery, which will comfortably last a day of heavy usage.

HTC 11: Memory

The speculations are, HTC 11 will be housed with a whopping 6 GB of RAM, coupled with 32 GB & 64 GB of internal storage, which can later expand up to 2 TB with the help of a microSD card.

HTC 11: Processor

Qualcomm has completed the designing of their latest chipset, Snapdragon 830, and as a flagship we can surely say, the HTC 11 will come with that latest octa-core SoC, under the hood.

HTC 11: Applications

Boost+ App

HTC has included an innovative application in their current flagship HTC 10, named Boost+, and the app is pretty good as well as helpful. It uses to lock the other apps, to improve the battery performance and to delete the unnecessary things. But it could be even better when it will come as the upgraded version, installed in the HTC 11.

The current version of the application does not support the fingerprints for some mysterious reasons. Also, there should be an option to lock the home button, like Samsung Galaxy offers its users so that the button does not accidentally get pressed. Also, we think, the app should be more proactive, suggesting the users how and when to use the handset in a best possible manner. So we really hope HTC 11 will come with an upgraded version of Boost+ application for the most optimised utilisation of the phone.


BlinkFeed was once a unique and standout feature of HTC, but with time it did not evolve much the way it should be. Instead, it got messy and cluttered with each upgrade. So we hope the company will rejuvenate this application with the release of HTC 11 and comes in a more polished, sleek and useful manner.

HTC 11: Release Date

If we notice the pattern of HTC, we will find that the Taiwanese company launches its flagships early in the year. HTC 10 was also released in the first half of 2016, although the company skipped the MWC event.  So according to our guess, the HTC 11 release date will either fall under February 27 to March 2, when the MWC 2017 will go on or a bit later in the year. But surely it will not be released after April, as it will exceed the one year mark of the launch of HTC 10.

HTC 11: Probable Price

The current flagship of the company, HTC 10 costs $699, so surely the HTC 11 will be priced more than that. Our guess is, the HTC 11 will be priced at $799.

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