How to Write a Research Paper? A Complete Rulebook

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Research Paper, two simple words that can invoke instant anxiety in numerous students. Students often seek reliable sources to clear out confusions regarding how to write a research paper and still fail to submit a perfect paper on time. Here I’ve come up with a complete guidebook of writing a good research paper for pupils who might be drooling with the same confusion right now.

Research papers evaluate the academic holds of students on their concerned grounds. However, there is a peculiar strategy of crafting a good research paper and before you begin with your paper, let’s have a look at the rulebook of research paper writing suggested by the best writing service online:

Choosing a Gratifying Topic

The first and foremost criteria for Improve writing skills a research paper are to make a thorough analysis of the concerned field of your education and brainstorm an infatuating topic. First of all, you have to ensure that enough data for and against the topic already exists in your known resources to back up your assertions by the pieces of evidence. You may go through the recent news or the latest debates on your educational field and come up with a great topic.

Get Yourself a Clear Outline

Before you start working on the final research paper, you have to make a rough draft in the form of a research paper outline that involves the key structure and statements of your final write-up. This particular step helps you jot down the essentials in a primary format and keeps the relevant key factors ready beforehand, so you don’t forget to include any of those in your write-up. A clear-cut outline can be the best guide for you to figure out how to write an assignment with quality.

How to Write a Research Paper

Excerpting an Engaging Thesis Statement

A thesis statement encapsulates the key assertions of your paper and examines your aiding points. The statement guides your readers from the beginning to get a transparent idea of the encouraging points of your research analysis. Your thesis statement can be of three types:

  • Analytical
  • Expository
  • Argumentative

You can choose from any of these approaches and craft a crisp, clear, and understandable thesis statement for your research paper.

How to Write a Research Paper

Keep the Structure Intact

Once you’re ready with the above-mentioned essentials, you have to get ready to put your hands in your research paper writing. There is a specific structure that one should maintain while composing a research paper and this is how the structure looks like:


You have to begin with a background or context for the next portions of your paper to clearly define your purpose of approaching the research topic and continuing the research scrutiny. Here you have to explain your organizing methods for approaching the topic and conclude the introductory lines with the thesis statement.


This is the portion where your research paper outline will appear in a handy form. Make your paper evolved by making it fluid and never forget to remain focused on your supporting points and thesis statement. Another useful advice from the experts’ end is never let your resources design your paper. Compose your paper first and let the relevant resources fall into places.


Now when the wrap-up time is knocking on the door, you must remember to recap the key factors all over again in a crisp and non-repetitive form. However, you have to ensure that no fresh data is revealed in your ending note. In case your research is incomplete and the ending is to be inconclusive, you should illustrate the points why you think your research should be continued further.

As you’ve got a clear-cut concept of writing a research paper, you can now start from the beginning and make your research purposeful to your academic grounds. If still a confusion arises in your mind, never step back to approach a good research paper service and get your paper written by the expert professionals.

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