How to Transfer Magento 2 page Hierarchy with Improved Import and Export

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Magento 2 B2B merchants struggle every day from lack of resources for routine management. Magento 2 market seems full of reliable pieces of software that enhance any functionality held within. And you actually have a great chance to find the extension that will satisfy your particular need. However, to make your Magento 2 B2B business self-sustainable and the revenue sources stable, you will need some professional tools.

FireBear Magento 2 Improved Import and Export is a well-known data management tool that can address multiple issues that arise in Magento 2 stores. As the software is multipurpose, with it, you can increase ROI and overall business efficiency.

The extension, its specifics, and ability to improve B2B feature performance is what we explore in the post.

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Improved Import and Export: an irreplaceable management tool

Improved Import and Export for Magento 2 is a data management software that is focused on enhancing and automating routine within B2B and B2C stores. The extension uses data transfers to increase the number of opportunities a Magento 2 merchant can get from the platform to provide users with powerful resources for site administration. The software boosts the native import and export functionality with innovative approaches to data transfers and offers full flexibility during the process.

You can benefit from Magento 2 Improved Import and Export in multiple use-cases. The extension has resources to enable and maintain any part of the life cycle, from routine database updates to complex cross-platform integrations and one-time synchronizations, etc.

All in all, Improved Import and Export provides:

  • Cron-based automatic updates,
  • Full Magento 2 entities support,
  • Data transfers via REST and SOAP API, FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheets, URL, file uploads,
  • Processing of data in the CSV, XML, XLXS, ODS, JSON, ZIP, TAR formats
  • Data mapping.

Improved Import and Export provides unparalleled services as it can enable multiple transfers and connection channels within a single store. By purchasing the extension once, you get the tool always relevant to your numerous plans.

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How to transfer Magento 2 page hierarchy with the help of Improved Import and Export

Page hierarchy is the unique B2B feature that enables page structures within a Magento 2 store and provides additional options for management of such structures. The specifics of the functionality is the ability to assign store pages with parent-child or neighbor relationships within a shared node. The logic of page hierarchy allows applying unique actions to all parts of a node, such as the order in the list, pagination, etc.

Organizing your store pages into nodes is a great way to ensure your site looks professional. The correct content representation and the accessibility of service pages increase the positive experience of clients with your store. Thus, you can boost your service credibility and build trustable relationships with clients.

Any import or export of Magento 2 page hierarchy starts with selecting ‘page hierarchy’ as an entity for transfer. As we have mentioned above, Improved Import and Export supports all the Magento 2 entities and page hierarchy is one of those. As the transfer entity is defined, you can proceed with specifying import behavior. The data can be ‘added, updated, or replaced’ in relation to the existing database content.

Once you have finished with the previous settings, you need to decide on the import or export source and data file format. Magento 2 Improved Import and Export is flexible in providing options for unique personalized transfers.

The extension maintains the high accuracy of import and export with the data validation process and advanced data mapping tool. These steps are final before running the transfer and serve to minimize any possible errors

For more details on Improved Import and Export, page hierarchy and other Magento 2 Commerce/Cloud feature transfer, make sure to visit the FireBear site.

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