How to throw your Pokeball in a curveball in ‘Pokemon GO’

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is the latest entrant into the world of Pokemon, a brand that was created in the ’90s to capitalize on the experience of a shared scavenger hunt that seems to be so popular with gamers.Based around the concept of finding, catching and training creatures that could battle each other, Pokemon has since evolved and grown into multiple games over a number of consoles, a popular television series, movies and a range of merchandise.

The new game is based solely on mobile devices, in which players can explore their environment in real life, tracked by their phone’s GPS system and catch virtual creatures in different locations. The players capture the various creatures that come across their screen by flicking the Pokeball straight at it using their finger.

Pokemon Go

However, there is another way to capture the Pokemon and it is rather cool. The player can actually throw a curveball to capture the creature, and can even gain some extra experience points in the process, if done correctly.

YouTube user MeneerTAO explains in a video the HOW TO of the curveball method: When a Pokemon pops up on the screen, instead of just tossing a Pokeball out at it, hold down on the ball and spin it around. The ball should work up a spin with some sparks around it.

Pokemon Go on iPhone

Then, aim at the Pokemon and throw a little away from the creature. The green circle around the Pokemon must be small around its head and the ball must hit the Pokemon at the optimum spot for the execution of the move to be perfect. This should get the player 10 Reward XP Points after the creature is caught successfully.

Pokemon Go iPhone

Keep in mind that thisdelivery is not easy. It does require plenty of practice to make it perfect and win the points. Still, it is a game and its primary aim is entertainment. The originality of this new move is sure to grab attention despite the reward factor.

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