How to Switch your career into SAP?

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How to Switch your career into SAP: If you haven’t worked in the software industry, it is very likely that you may have never heard of SAP, or thought about pursuing a career in SAP.

In several places over the world, the SAP market is short on skilled personnel, so it is very important that people are informed about the wonderful opportunities it can shower on them.

This is very good to create a talented workforce for the future as well. So, let us explore how one may switch their career into SAP.

What is SAP?

Firstly, let us understand what SAP is. Set up in the 1970s by 5 ex-IBM employees, SAP is a software company from Germany.

It is a very progressive company and it keeps up with the times, even in this quick paced world. They are always broadening their scope into modern fields, such as cloud-based services, and acquiring new companies.

Presently, an enterprise application is SAP’s biggest area. They are also one of the leading independent manufacturers of software. SAP has customer all over the world, in more than 190 countries. IT professionals have a great opportunity to get into such a field and build a prosperous career.

Background Matters

Based on what career background you are from, you may choose a different career path. Generally, you will require at least some inclination towards software and IT.

Learning to perform configuration and to code will assist in creating a strong knowledge base. The SAP is used extensively across a variety of platforms and different functions of the business.

This enables you to choose from several options that are present to enter an SAP career route. If you have a background in commerce, you can easily get into SAP SD consultancy. Having an international trade degree is very beneficial in this regard.

In the case of an accounting or finance background, becoming an SAP FICO Consultant is ideal. SAP HR Consultancy is the perfect field to get into if you had a degree in HR or sociology. While it is necessary to be passionate about IT and software, it is more important to be able to apply the knowledge you already possess to the IT systems.

Should You Get Into a Technical or Functional Area?

Another point of choice when getting into SAP will occur, where you have to decide between going for a role that is more technical than functional, or a role that is more functional than technical.

Typically, a technical job will better suit a person who is deeply into programming and coding. If you are more of a people person, and prefer managing relationships or configuring systems as per the requirements of a client, then a functional job is much better.

A technical consultant has a very important role in every assignment, providing help to the functional consultant when the system needs to be altered.

What Employers Want

From the viewpoint of an employer, one of the most sought-after skills in an SAP consultant is the skill to configure systems.

It is also important to keep abreast of the latest news from the industry and be aware of the qualifications that may be needed at each stage. Stechies can train you in SAP, helping you enter this career with ease.

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