How to Start Playing NES Games on Your Computer

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Have you ever heard of retrogaming? Given the fact you have landed on our website, we bet you have. We guess you were playing Nintendo games on your vintage console back in the day. Or, maybe, you’re tired of playing mainstream games that don’t satisfy your exquisite gaming taste anymore? Want to try or resume playing old-school games famous for their authentic spirit that attracts lots of fun-loving gamers?

Unfortunately, not all of those eager to play NES games know where to start. Some think it’s necessary to avail themselves of old Consoles in order to start playing retro games, which is a common misconception. Presently, all you need to do to reconnect with your favorite NES characters is to get special programs mimicking old console’s hardware. These special programs are called emulators. They turn your computer or any other device such as a smartphone or a tablet PC into a suitable platform on which you can run your favorite NES ROMs.

Where to Get Emulators

Now when you know what emulators are, it’s time to speak about the most reliable tools that will your gameplay as enjoyable as possible. Some may say that there is nothing easier than finding and emulator. Indeed, the Internet is crammed with resources offering emulation software for download. It may seem that anyone can visit the first available website and download a NES emulator onto their computer. Still, finding a reputable online resource from which you can download high-quality software is not that easy to find.

Take care not to get download anything from fraudulent and scam website offering malware under the guise of emulators. The best way to secure yourself from scammers is to visit This online resource offers the best emulators that can run the majority of NES games on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems and even Android devices without a hitch. Visit and select the emulator that will best meet you gaming needs.

Start Playing NES Games on Your Computer

Games to Play

When you finally download and install the emulator of your choice, you can think about the games you want to play on the new emulator. You’ll need to download some nice ROMs, images of old games, which, by the way, are also available on

  • There is an opinion that downloading ROMs files is illegal. It’s true when it comes to downloading the games you don’t own. Before downloading a ROM file of a specific game, try to remember whether you purchased it back in the day or not. If you bought the Game, don’t hesitate to download it and start enjoying it right now! But what if you want to play the NES game you never purchased?
  • Does it mean that you should forget about running this particular title on your PC? Of course, not. There is a completely legal way to avail yourself of the game of your dream. Visit RomsMode and download any NES ROM onto your comp.

Start Playing NES Games on Your Computer

Using Emulators

Installing emulators doesn’t require any special skills. All you need to do after downloading the program is to unpack the new file into a newly created folder in Disk C.

Remember to put the NES game you downloaded from in this folder, too.

When you’re ready to start playing retro titles, launch the emulator your emulator by double-clicking on the .exe file.

Access the menu and select “File.” Then, choose “Open” to navigate the list of the downloaded ROMs. Choose the game you want to load by double-clicking on it.

Many emulators have an external controller support, which enables you to connect a gamepad to your PC. Feel free to take advantage of this option if you want to make your gaming experience more authentic.

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