How to Remove a Criminal Record in Canada

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Living in a modern society requires us as citizens to respect the rule of law. However, there come times in our life when extenuating circumstances lead us into violation of the rules. Receiving a criminal record for breaking the law can have devastating effects on the rest of your life. Your primary concern should be removing your criminal record and assimilating back into normal society.

Is a Criminal Record Holding Your Life Back?

Once you have a criminal record, it will follow you around forever. The chances of finding gainful employment are going to be slim. Most employers check your criminal record and their company policies often prevent them from hiring criminals, even if they show real potential as an employee. You will not be able to hide the fact that you have a criminal record form your present employer either. If you are found out to have received a criminal charge, your current employer could terminate your employment and leave you without a job, or the prospect of finding a new one.

Criminal records also prevent you from contributing to society and many insurance companies and credit institutions will refrain from offering you their services because of your public standing. Leaving the country will also become a near-impossibility as international travel usually requires that you undergo a criminal clearance procedure before entering a foreign country.

What You Need to Know About Record Suspensions

The Parole Board of Canada grants and denies record suspensions for rehabilitated criminals. If you have completed your sentence, then you are eligible to apply for a record suspension. Record suspensions seal your criminal records from the public view. While your files are still available for Federal authorities to see on demand, you record will not appear on any criminal checks made by prospective employers.

A record suspension is essentially a second chance at assimilating into society, giving you the opportunity to become a productive member of your community. Record Suspensions are only available to criminals sentenced to less than two years in jail, on more than two separate occasions. Sex offenders are not eligible for a record suspension, and repeat offenders may have their records revealed if they commit another offense.

Use Professionals to Remove Your Canadian Criminal Record

To process to being granted a record suspension is lengthy and complicated. It may take between 12 to 24 months to receive your final record suspension, from the date of opening your case. Compiling the required documents and paperwork can be a frustrating experience. If you want to avoid the hassle associated with applying for your record suspension, then rather work with a professional services provider.

There are company’s available to you that offer a range of services to help you receive your records suspension as quickly as possible. All you need to do is arrange a consultation with them, and they will walk you through the process of applying for a record suspension, including helping you to comply with all the requirements such as digital fingerprinting. Speak to a professional consultant today and get your record suspension underway.

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