How to recover contacts mistakenly deleted from our iPhone

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How to recover contacts mistakenly deleted from our iPhone

We have all lost some contact from our phone, either by accident or by someone else. How can we avoid it? Is there any way to recover those contacts? Why do you need knowing how important it is? You need to know the importance of recovering the contacts in order to keep a good record of all the people we meet in our lives. In this article, we offer some tips related to how to recover iPhone data, so that, if you just accidentally deleted those contacts, you have some chance to recover them.

Contacts on the iPhone

It has all happened to us all. We are looking at the contacts and click where we should not and … if our little son/ nephew/son of the neighbor have taken the phone and… Yes, you know how it ends. What can we do now?

First of all, we must say that the best solution is to have a backup of our contacts, whether in iCloud, iTunes or any other service that allows us this task. Nowadays, having a backup of this data is the simplest thing to do. Once this annotation is made, we begin.

These following tips are inspired by drone as the best iPhone data recovery software. First of all, you have to download drone program. Once it’s installed inside your computer, you have to connect your iPhone and run the program. You will see a window like below:


You just need to click ‘Start Scan’ and the system will detect all the saved files. The next step is to click ‘Contacts’, mark it and then click ‘Recover’.


Using iTunes backup

There is a second way; you can use iTunes backup. You can use two methods; first is restoring contacts from backup with drone and the second is restoring the whole backup. You can choose the way you like the most.

If you really want to selectively restore contacts then you are advised to use the first way. You just need to click ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’ and then click ‘Scan’. You will find all the data in the backup and you just have to check the box in front of every item you really need. After that, you just click ‘Recover’ and the recovery process will run immediately. Data can be recovered and stored in .xslx, .html and .csv format.

The second method is done by restoring the backup as a whole. You just need to click in a sequence like this; Run iTunes, go to <iTunes <Preferences … <Devices. Connect your iPhone to your computer and click ‘Restore’. When the restore process has been completed, your iPhone will restart and be active again; all data in the backup will be stored on your device.

Using the iCloud-based method

This is the last way it can be done. Just like iTunes-based way, this method can be run in two ways; use a drone and restore iPhone from iCloud backup. We recommend the first way because the second way can eliminate all data stored on your device.


The first way is done by signing in iCloud first. After signing in, you need to run the program and select ‘Recover from iCloud Backup File’. You will be able to see the previous backup data. Click ‘Contacts’ and you can check the inbox in front of each item you need.

The second way is done by deleting all the stored data first. After that, we go to ‘Set up your device’ <“iCloud Sign In”<“Choose backup.


The conclusion we can take is that drone ensures we only recover data that is really needed only. This is what is recommended to not fulfilling our device with useless data. We recommend that you always and regularly back up all your data because once lost, it will be impossible to recover them again. It is true that there are many applications offered on the Internet to recover iPhone contacts, but you must be careful in choosing the best one. Based on our experience, the drone is the best one.

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