How to Read a Painting in Abstract Art Gallery?

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Seen an art for sale sign? Want to visit the art gallery? But, it’s a gallery with abstract art painting and you are scared to pick something that would be totally a mismatch for you? It generally happens when you are standing in front of an abstract art painting.

If you have seen numerous abstract paintings, I am sure at some point “A child can make this” thought might have crossed your mind.

This is due to the simple appearance that just looks simple but is an amalgamation of several colour compositions and of course, the hidden implications. Note that I have used the plural of the term‘implication’ in the last sentence.

It is so because there is no single thought that can be perceived by an abstract art painting. Imagine yourself standing in an abstract art gallery.

Now when you look at an abstract painting, at one moment, you can find a dark truth about society depicted in the art, while at other instance, you would be smiling looking at the serene beauty of small things.

An abstract artist has such far-reaching vision and mind that he/she incorporates such colour compositions that could generate more than one implications hidden in the painting.

So, next time you enter into an abstract art gallery, consider the mentioned below tips that will help you in understanding and studying the abstract painting.

Can’t be explained in words

Picasso said that it is impossible to describe an art in words. He was right. In general terms, an abstract art painting impacts the individual on a very personal basis and hence explaining the influence verbally seems pointless.

The best way to decode the meaning of an exquisite abstract art painting would be to feel it in the similar fashion you experience a symphony.

You never listen to music and try to understand the notes, you let yourself flow with it. This is how you should look at an abstract art, without any subject matter in mind and without any assumptions. Do not try to interpret the meaning of the painting, instead follow the colours, the patterns, and the designs and see where your feelings and emotions have to lead you to. Best meaning of life is understood when you expected nothing out of everything.

Follow this principle next time you see an art for sale sign outside a popular abstract art gallery. Try to open your mind from the distractions of life and let yourself fly through the infinite realm of imagination.

There is nothing to decipher

Quite a few people think that understanding an abstract painting is like decoding a secret language. This is absurd.An abstract art painting is not carved out to narrate a story, instead, it is meant to embolden creativity and artistry.

The unreal and touching experience that you feel after getting the gist of an impeccable piece of art can be totally different from what I feel by looking at the same painting. This is the essence of an abstract art; there is no definitiveness, which opens the door for an uncanny and marvellous experience.

The essential don’ts in the abstract art gallery

  1. It might happen that you are not able to understand an art work in the gallery. So you decide to stand there and just stare at the art piece for hours. Well, this is not going to help you.
  2. The artist puts a lot of effort in carving a single piece of painting. So, if you are not able to relate to some painting, ensure to never criticise the artist there. A difference of opinion is fine, but, crossing the line to offend an artist is a big no.
  3. Abstract art paintings are known for absurd titles. So, never make an assumption by looking at the title of an abstract painting.

The do’s in the abstract painting gallery

  1. Going through the wall text provides you an insight into the artist’s profile and his/her painting style.
  2. Empty your mind and let the abstract painting fill it with anything. Do not restrict any thought, just let it flow and you will get there.
  • It’s fine if you are deferring in terms of feeling emotions with other people. Different people have varied emotional capacity. So, ensure to be content with what you feel as the implications can be subjective.

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