How to Play Android Games on PC

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How to Play Android Games PC

Playing games is increasing due to the increase in smartphones and game lists in the platform are growing in countless numbers. The gaming platform is getting increased as the number of gamers increased and vice versa. How to play android games on pc and the most popular Games includes racing games, adventures, sports and so much. EA, 2k, Gameloft, Activision are some of the top-level gaming manufacturers who release their games in such a way supports on pc platform because of their earnings like FIFA, GTA, NBA, and others for the platform of android.

When coming to the point why these game manufacturers are preferring the pc instead of mobile is the limitation of screen size and lack of control.  Whatever the size of the mobile may be but the easy controlling and screen size does not match the pc/laptop support. Whereas the audio quality of the speakers of the mobile is average, and battery usage is also limited to one or two hours. And maximum the small screen remains strain on eyes.

This article is the guide for one who wants to play android games on pc/ laptop rather than smartphones. Here we are going to discuss the top emulators or software to play android games on pc/laptop.

How to Play Android Games in PC


BlueStacks are just the solution when you are looking for How to play android games on pc and when you want to run two or more apps and without an emulator then BlueStacks is the best to try with. The best Android emulator app with the special features to run the game safely. Just download the app it occupies just 2Gb space on your pc and when it launches it is the access to any gaming apps from the play store.

Geny Motion

Geny Motion is the commonly used emulator that has the main purpose to run Android games and stream free movies on your laptop. It is similar to that of installing an OS over the current OS. This app supports a huge set of games and is quite easy to install and run. it is said to be one of the fastest emulators in the market. The special feature which has other than the emulator is that it supports the screen rotation option even on your pc. Geny Motion comes in two versions one is a virtual box package and the other one does not have the virtual package. Once the GenyMotion is installed then you can run any of your favourite games and apps on your pc/laptop

Nox App Player

Nox app player is also the easiest interface and easy installation procedure to run the gaming apps. This app has a user-friendly interface which is a favourite among these app users to suggest. BlueStacks and Geny Motion emulator uses the concept of virtualization but the NOX app does not use virtualization to emulate the games on your PC. One special key feature of the NOX app is having its sidebar controls like a volume hardware button. To download now, go to the Nox app player official website and get the app and install it then you will be able to play all your app without any interruptions.

How to Play Android Games

Android SDK

Android SDK is one of the emulators which solves the user who is seeking how to play android games on PC. This app more and more features but the toughest part of this app is to setup. Let’s see the procedure to set up this Android SDK.

Go to the official Android SDK website and install the app. There are a lot of files accumulated once you installed them just search the AVD Manager and SDK Manager. Run the SDK Manager and select and install the android device. Then go to AVD Manager and click on the create AVD button in the window. Click the AVD just created using the start button and then enable the USB debugging from the android device settings and plugin into your PC and then download the required APK file. once done with the above procedures then you are ready to play all your favourite games on your PC.


The above emulators for How to play android games on PC are the most suggested and top-rated emulators to play android games on PC/Laptop. The above-mentioned apps are surely recommendable if you have any doubts or queries regarding the above-mentioned emulators such as installation or download problems drop your query in the comment section below.

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