How to move precious art and antiques without damaging them

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framed mirrors

How to move precious art and antiques without damaging them: Many homes have heirloom art pieces, antique furniture, and precious collectibles. While moving from one house to another, owners can’t leave behind their antique collection. If that were possible, a lot of homeowners would be relieved right now. Moving antique items, especially breakables like glass-front cabinets, framed mirrors, framed artwork and crystal barware is very risky. Apart from muscle power and a lot of bubble wrap, you will need significant experience to be able to move them without the slightest damage.

How to pack your art for better protection?

framed mirrors

The first thing you will need for moving them is proper packing material. Here are the steps you can follow to pack and move your art, mirrors and framed prints –

  1. Find a lot of heavy-duty art packing boxes. Your moving company should have them ready, but you can also buy them from Craigslist or eBay for peanuts.
  2. Locate some Glassine. It is better than plastic wraps as they are waterproof, greaseproof and airproof.
  • Buy some bubble wrap. After wrapping the art in glassine, you need to cover it using bubble wrap. Don’t be a miser! Use the wrap liberally and secure the packaging at multiple places with tape.
  1. Next, place the corner protectors on the pieces before moving.
  2. Always hold, move and store the art pieces upright. Do not lay them flat on the moving truck.
  3. Keep the artwork on top of other furniture, so that the latter cannot squash them.

How to save your antiques from damage while moving?

Antiques command equal attention while moving. Preparing for moving day becomes a lot tougher without professional guidance on the antique packaging. Porcelain plates, Ming vases, mahogany furniture and crystal cutlery sets are valuable and irreplaceable. Therefore, it is essential to call for professional help. You can check out to know about the threats your collectibles can face while moving.

  1. Start by creating a list for your heirlooms. Experts also suggest taking photos with proper documentation of existing damage. If there is an unfortunate accident while moving, you will be able to file an insurance claim.
  2. Make a list of moving supplies you will need. That includes bubble wrap, tape, duct tape, Styrofoam beans, crates, toolsets and moving blankets.
  • In case you have massive pieces of furniture or a piano, do not try to lift it on your own. Call your friends or still better call professional movers, who can help you, haul it down the stairs and into the moving vehicle.
  1. Apply a careful couple of layers of bubble wrap and secure the same with tape. Next, use a moving blanket to add another layer of protection and secure with tape.
  2. Place them inside a robust but light wooden crate. You can find these wooden crates for incredible prices on Craigslist.
  3. Always call for an extra set of hands while loading and unloading.

The best way to provide security and protection to your furniture, antiques and display items is by hiring professional movers. Always check if they offer particular antique and piano moving services before you hire them.

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