How to Make most of the E-Commerce sales: Tips to save money

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How to Make most of the E-Commerce sales


“A rupee saved is a rupee earned.” The biggest online store and India’s successful shopping sites, stick well to this old saying because it is back again with a massive string of sale events of 2020.

The eCommerce sale brings enormous discounts on all items so that the consumers can purchase items in their wishlists.

When it comes to discounts on favorite brands, regular shoppers would love to be aware of the upcoming Amazon sale in advance to schedule their desired list efficiently.

With the tips on saving more money during a sale period, satisfy all your wishes under your own fixed budget.

Hacks to save more money on eCommerce sales

Use these smart e-commerce shopping tips to make yourself a clever buyer and save your hard-earned money.

  1. Do not disclose your location

With the developed technology, an e-commerce site can know your exact location through cookies on your laptop or mobile phone. You might have noticed that the price of a product is different for customers based on their locales. A customer ordering from Delhi can get a high rate product, whereas the customer purchasing from a town can get the same product at a lesser price. The best way to get the true discount is by opening a website in an incognito mode or clearing your search history so that your location is not accessible by the retailers, thus benefiting your shopping with a substantial discount.

Buyers can avail up to 50% off on Nike shoes and handbags. Get the sporty-looking shoes starting at just Rs 699.

How to Make most of the E-Commerce sales

  1. Save surplus with credit card

Not every one of us will have a bank credit card. But if you own a credit card of a bank, then it is favorable news for you. You can avail more off of your product when you pay from your credit card. Various shopping sites give a good discount on HDFC bank credit cards and other bank’s credit cards. Some products are eligible for a debit card offer also, but credit cards deliver the right amount of deduction on any product even on a sale period.

  1. Purchase more and get more discount

If you cross the purchase limit of your shopping, you can avail an additional discount on the products you selected with their minimum purchase discount offer. An extra 10% off to shoppers if they shop for a minimum of Rs 5,000. As items that are not useful to you but buying them just for getting a meager extra discount is a bit nasty so you can ask your friends or relatives to purchase products from your account along with your orders to avail this deal and then contribute the money after a deducted price to get the full benefit out of this.

On Amazon clearance sale, avail 75% off on Adidas men’s shoes and 50% on apparel.

How to Make most of the E-Commerce sales

  1. Combine coupons

If you have a habit of collecting coupons and using them when you want to purchase a high rated product, then the ongoing sale can be the right time to use the stacked coupons for saving more of your rupees. You can put the promo code at the time of check out, and you can get the same product for a lesser price than the already deducted priced item. Remember, then you cannot use every coupon twice, so choose your coupons in such a way that you can avail more amount of deduction on a product of greater cost.

Don’t miss the chance to get Reebok’s shoes of Rs 4999 at just Rs 1099 from Amazon.

  1. Earn with cashback

You can earn a cashback with the products that are set with cashback offers. But these are very limited and a little less. An additional way to earn a handsome amount of cashback is through a third party payment gateway. There are a few good payment gateways in the market that assure you cashback on your purchases through any online e-commerce website.

Don’t miss the chance of getting Fila shoes of Rs 4999 at just Rs 1099.

  1. Cheat with email addresses

Indians are brilliant when it comes to providing a solution for saving even a rupee more because we believe in spending less and getting more. One such remedy is to sign up with multiple email addresses and collect their unique coupons and promo codes. Use every email id of your family member and make one or two of yourself. You will get luckier if they send you a coupon that is limited to their few customers. You can later use these coupon codes alternatively at the time of check out. In this way, you will save excess rupee on not only one but many products.

Fond of sneakers of the top brand? Shop Fila’s sneaker for Rs 699.

How to Make most of the E-Commerce sales

  1. Get refunds on price variation

Suppose you purchased a product today, and then you see that the same product is at a lesser price tomorrow then, in this situation, you can ask for refunds within a few days of your purchase directly from the company. You can also use third-party apps to keep a check on the prices of products. But when it comes to the biggest online shopping destination, it is considered less frustrating because these sales will never disappoint its customers and surely refund you if you contact the customer support section within seven days of your purchase. Don’t get tricked with the cost variations, avail your product at the least price even after the purchase.

Get Vans’ sneak-on at 50% less than the original price.

Nobody would want to bypass the opportunity the upcoming sales has given to the shoppers to purchase and save a little or huge rupees. Right? So, wait no more and start preparing your shopping list while keeping the above tips in mind to make your shopping experience even more satisfactory. Shopping is often enjoyable but appears to be better when the items are bought at a more discounted price. Have a great time shopping in the monsoon!

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