How to Lend More Punch to Your Email Marketing with Instagram

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Marketing is all about reaching out to customers with a credible and persuasive message. After the arrival of social media, many people were inclined to write off email as an effective mode of communication saying that it was too common and uninteresting to hold the attention of the Gen Y customers who are more used to the excitement and the interactivity provided by the social media.

However, studies have shown that email has consistently held on to its number one position in terms of ROI. However, the fact of email being effective does not in any way diminish the ability of social media to attract and engage with customers. The best marketers are now trying to stitch together marketing initiatives that try to combine the best of email marketing with that of social media.

Social Media – A Great Platform for Marketers

The prime reasons why marketers are drawn to the social media are its huge popularity, the frequency, and volume of use. Sharing original content or content from other sources is today a huge part of content management initiatives by marketers. While Facebook and LinkedIn had taken the first initiatives and remain relevant for many of their audiences even today, it’s networks like Twitter and Instagram that have set the online marketing environment on fire with their huge popularity and level of interaction.

Those who may have looked upon Instagram’s visual orientation as being irrelevant for serious marketing and brand building will find it surprising that today Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users who are young and look upon the network as a prime source of information about brands and businesses. With such a huge number of potential customers, no marketer worth its salt would today dare to ignore the potential of Instagram and thus are willing to buy real Instagram likes.

Instagram for Email Engagement

Instagram and email work so beautifully together because they are completely different. While Instagram is great for raising brand awareness and user engagement, it lacks the e-commerce potential of email simply because Instagram pictures are not clickable and you cannot initiate sales. The only way to access the website of the marketer is to click on the link allowed in the bio.

Since being able to achieve this consistently can be a challenge for most marketers, it is often a better technique to provoke the interest of the Instagram user with some outstanding visual content and the promise of something valuable for free when they sign up for an email subscription by visiting a specially designed landing page from the link in the bio section. Now the marketer is in a better position to directly communicate with the potential user with content that is customized to his profile and interests.


Using Instagram to raise the awareness level and obtain customer feedback is great but when you are able to get people who are interested in your business or brand to sign up for the email subscription, you are in a better position to get the conversions you want.

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