How To Keep Your New Home Safe

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Keep Your New Home Safe

Moving into a new home can be very exciting. Finally getting the keys means that you can start afresh in a home that you can call your own. However, every new home needs to be secure.

Security is not something everyone thinks of when they move into a new home. However, it’s imperative that homeowners keep their new house safe. Here’s how:


Keep The Doors Secure

One of the first things you should do is keep the doors secure. You might have to do this as part of your First American Home Warranty. Whether you’re moving into a newly built home or a rental property like the apartments for rent in Charleston, you can secure the doors.

Do this by:

  • Removing the current locks on all doors
  • Installing new locks
  • Hiring a locksmith if you cannot do this yourself

Making sure that only you and those you know have a key to your home is vital. You don’t know who has a copy of your house keys.

Keep Your New Home Safe

Keep The Windows Secure

Every window should have a lock on it. Ideally, you should install key-operated locks. These can help to keep potential intruders out. It might also be worth you replacing the windows if they are quite old.


Install A Security System

Security systems can prove to be a very helpful deterrent. Even the most basic security system can make a difference.

Consider installing external cameras to help protect your home.

You may even want to consider installing internal cameras as well.

Keep Your New Home Safe

Keep The Garage Safe

Don’t forget to keep your garage safe. Most garages that are attached to homes have a door between the two buildings.

Install an alarm in your garage. Don’t be afraid to add some cameras for extra security.

Finally, make sure the lock or locks on your garage are effective. You may also want to consider adding sufficient lighting to the outside of your garage.


Install A Safe

Consider installing a safe and adding your most valuable items to it. For example, you could add:

  • Passports
  • Jewelry
  • Photographs
  • Insurance and warranty documents
  • Anything else that is of value

Ideally, you should have a safe that has 2 locks on it. This will make it harder for someone to get into.

Keep Your New Home Safe

Light Up Outside Areas

We have already looked at some areas inside your home. However, keeping the outside of your home safe is vital too.

Light up all of your outside areas, if you can. If you don’t want to light all of your garden up, light up the pathways.

When someone walks on your pathways a light should come on. The light should show where the pathways lead to.

The light should be bright enough for those inside the home to be able to see who is there.


Keeping your new home safe is hugely important. Use the above tips to help you to secure your property. When you know your home is safe you can have peace of mind.




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