How To Get Rs 2000 Cash Using Debit Card From Petrol Pumps in India

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Debit Card From Petrol Pumps in India

Exhausted of standing in serpentine queues in front of bank branches and ATMs? Well, we have a solution. Union cabinet on Friday solved one of the most tiresome queries till date, and that is receiving a 2000 rupee note. Yes, it truly seems possible now. The Center made an announcement that people can swipe their Debit Cards from any Government run Petrol Pump station and get Rs. 2000 in exchange.

The best ever solution coming from Government’s side is an utter relief for billions of common man standing in the queue for hours starving and quenching, with all the daily chores shelved in. The decision of demonetising high-denoted currency and thus re-introducing 2000 rupee note was frightening for many and joyful for millions. Now, with the Centre coming out with more solutions so as to shorten the burden of public as well as work pressure on bank personnel has been welcomed by one and all.

As of now, the provided facility could be accessed only in about 2,500 petrol pump stations (run by State-Oil companies) all over the country which render the facility of card swiping machine. But there is a very important key point to note and that is the respective option is exclusively from State Bank of India. So, people carrying State Bank of India (SBI) debit cards can easily and effortlessly swipe from a petrol pump near you and get 2000 rupee note.

However, the provided facility might increase up to 20,000 outlets as in the next three days petrol pump station might be jam packed with public to seek the currency. Also, very soon other banks like HDFC, ICICI, Citibank may start to give the facility for its debit card customers.

The respective move was carried by All India Petroleum Dealers’ Association on behalf of the Center’s endless effort pouring in, and now with this new strategy, it will simply ease the tension churning up nationwide. Having both pros and cons, one of the main weak points would be chaos in petrol pumps when normal public who come to fill in tanks may face difficulty. 90% of the crowd would definitely come to swipe cards but the rest of public facing hurdles to filling fuel comes as a major concern. Although to channelise the matter, the government has taken up one transaction per person form where only 2000 rupee note could be taken out per day through one card at a time.

According to President of AIPDA, Ajay Bansal, We are very happy that the government has accepted our proposal. We wrote to the prime minister on November 14 to apprise him of the situation at petrol pumps and our willingness to help mitigate people’s cash woes. We have never shied away from serving any national cause. We are happy to assist the government in its fight against black money and terror funding.  

In the recent past, petrol pumps managers as well as attendants have engaged in serious scuffles with the commuters as they used to give high-denomination notes such as 500 and 1000 rupee notes in order to receive the lesser amount of Rs. 100 after fuelling the tanks. 99% of the happening was deliberate, but the blame game may carry forward if not solved the problem.

Therefore, to maintain peace nationwide, the best possible option is to initiate the respective facility of debit card swiping in petrol pumps so as to seek 2000 rupee notes so that work burden, as well as chaos, is completely taken care of for the betterment of the public.

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