How To Get Rid Of Fleas in Your Mattress?

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How do you feel if there are fleas on your bed? I bet that it will be a disgusting feeling. So, how to get rid of that annoying insect? Usually, all possible treatments are ready to be attempted. Some of them might protect your mattress when the other solutions seem not to work effectively. It is not easy to choose the most effective ways and apply them to your house to prevent a flea infestation. In this article, let’s together have a look at some effective methods and several simple steps to keep you safe from “fleas”. Finding suitable flea treatment for your home is a vital and inevitable work.

Flea is exactly a nightmare that you will never hope to be in that situation if you had a choice. A flea infestation can destroy all peaceful day. It not only causes annoying symptoms as itchy, allergy… but also is the casual root of diseases threatening you. We had better stop it right from the start with the below steps and tips for these issues.

Make Sure That There Are Fleas On Your Bed

Why do we need to identify that there are fleas on your mattress? Because each type of insect has typical and distinctive methods to remove them. In order to remove flea in the most effective way, we need to verify bed bug and flea.


Bed bug and flea are quite similar, so make sure that the insect in your mattress is a flea. Adult fleas are up to about 3 mm long and usually brown. Bodies flattened sideways enable them to move through their host’s fur or feathers; strong claws prevent them from being dislodged. They can’t fly without wings but can jump thanks to six legs and suck your blood via the mouth.

Treating Pets For Flea

Have you ever thought of how to get rid of fleas in your bed effectively and properly? It is the best that you start with the pets; the reason is that the flea infestation usually originates from them.

In order to successfully getting rid of a flea in your bed, you have to make sure that there is no pet on your bed until they have been treated totally.

There are many simple methods can help to remove flea out of your pet’s body. You can also use some products for your pets frequently to prevent flea come back.

Washing Your Beddings

By the time you are sure that fleas dwell in your bed, you ought to immediately use detergent to wash all the bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets and more. Fleas are quite hard to remove and can still wind up in your bed because flea eggs often fall off your pet and land in bedding, carpeting, cushions and other areas.


The first and foremost solution to get rid of the fleas is removing all the bedding from the mattress. And then, wash it in a hot water setting. Fleas will not survive the hot cycle in both the washer and the dryer, so this will be the best method. After that, let the beddings in the dryer and far away from areas you doubt that there will be some fleas are existing. However, if the infestation is not only located on the sheets so that washing the beddings may not be enough. The next step will tackle with that.

Using Vacuum

 After stripping all the mattress covers, using a vacuum to go over all the area in your bedroom and the entire surface of your mattress to remove the rest adult fleas as well as eggs that may be present. You may want to thoroughly check the mattress two or three times to ensure that no insects are left. Repeat and turn the mattress over, if that’s an option.

Moreover, vacuuming the sheets, mattress and pillows are also the ideal way to help remove all the rest of flea that can still in your mattress after washing all your beddings. Take the vacuum cleaner outside to remove the nesting fleas in bed, but also their eggs, and thereby interfere with their life cycle. In addition to that, its bag or empty its canister can also be removed so that fleas don’t get back into the house. After vacuuming, the advice is all the vacuum bags must be disposed of for proper control of the infestation. If you don’t do that, the eggs will still lay inside the vacuum bag and keep their life cycle going. On the slippery slope, the flea infestation cannot be controlled.

Using Insecticides Or Flea Powder

Using vacuum cannot eliminate all the fleas that are on your mattress. They may be hiding somewhere when you are using vacuum and washing and then they leap back into your bed – thus all your efforts to eliminate them go up in smoke. In order to ensure that all the fleas, including its eggs, larvae or even pupae, you should use an insecticide to kill them off. You can use a number of products that can help you kill a flea, you should find products that focus on eggs, larvae and pupae.

However, most of the insecticides contain toxic chemical and need a number of hours to work. In order to ensure the safety of your family members, all the affected areas or the entire home must be vacated to avoid exposure to the toxic chemicals. Furthermore, you are advised to read carefully all the safety and the instructions to find the solutions for your family members and your pets’ safety. After using insecticides, you had better leave the areas while the insecticide dries and takes effect. For sensitive persons, you can call for a professional to investigate your home and determine the most suitable ways to tackle the problem.

Cleaning Your House And Surrounding Areas

After cleaning your mattress and the entire bedroom, don’t think that your work is finished. As we may know, a flea can jump far distance, thus cleaning your mattress doesn’t mean that the whole your house is clean as well. Hence, after following the above step, the next step you should follow is cleaning your house and the surrounding areas that you suspect that can have a flea in it.

 With a large area, you have better using insecticide to removing flea out of your place in the most effective and the fastest method. Make sure that the surrounding areas are always clean; remove all the humid places that can be a favorable condition for a flea to growing up. The last thing is that keep your pets away from other pets which have not been removed fleas. The cleaner your house is, the happier you are.

Preventing New Flea Infestations

The aforementioned steps are extremely helpful for removing flea from your mattress. However, don’t be too objective. The flea can come back soon if you do not have prevention strategies. We cannot make sure that flea won’t come back. So following the above steps can help you get rid of a flea but not forever.

Thus, to ensure that you can have a comfortable sleep and have great health, you have to check your bed as well as your entire home and surroundings to find out whether flea comes back. The earlier you find the signs of flea, the sooner you can eliminate them. In addition, your pets are also a source of fleas. Hence, take care of your pets and remove flea from your pets regularly are the key factor to protect your mattress as well as your home from fleas.

So let’s do it right the first time – just follow the aforementioned simple steps, from the first step in getting rid of fleas on your bed was to treat your pet, to the last step. It is not difficult. It just needs your time to clean your home and you could have a comfortable sleep and a healthy lifestyle.

To Sum Up

Once you face flea, you may not only face the annoy experiences like itchy, allergy, but you also have a higher chance getting serious diseases. Flea is an annoying issue to all the family, eliminating them is even harder. Hope that the aforementioned steps would be a kind of helping you to solve this hard problem. It is the fact that, a flea cannot be removed totally, but we can stop it, and keep us and our pets safe from them.

After reading  the above steps, I hope that you can answer the question “How to get rid of a flea in your mattress?”, and have the worthy knowledge in keeping your bed as well as the entire house clean. More than the cleanness, our health is the most important factor that we need to focus on. Eliminating flea from your mattress and the whole house are the key method to help us have a healthier and safer life. Don’t be underestimated the small insect – flea – we have to take a strong method to devastating them all. Hope that we all the smart people in eliminating flea.

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