How to Get Most of The Chances of Winning Fantasy Cricket Series

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Fantasy cricket is a virtual player management game and is fast becoming a popular online game, thanks to its thrilling features and the possibility to make money while playing in virtual leagues. It is possible for a player to win a tidy sum with a little acumen and game knowledge. Whether you are newcomer or a knowledgeable cricket enthusiast, you can play fantasy cricket with ease.

Many players want to know how to play fantasy cricket to improve their chances of winning in leagues and are constantly looking for tips and tricks. So, without much ado, here are of the ways you can maximize your chances of winning while playing fantasy cricket online.

Learn the Rules of the Game

Just like traditional cricket, even fantasy cricket has a set of rules. It is important you learn and understand those rules. Knowing how to create your team and memorizing the different team combinations will ensure you always come up with a team that has the potential to win in the league.

Begin Your Journey with Smaller Leagues

Even if you are well-versed with cricket, don’t jump into the big leagues right away. Fantasy cricket is different from traditional cricket, and playing in smaller leagues will allow you to figure out the basics of the game. Once you are confident in these aspects, you can shift your attention to bigger leagues.

Chose Captain and Vice Captain from Opposing Teams

One of the cardinal rules of fantasy cricket is having a team captain and vice captain. This decision has to be taken carefully as the captain wins double the points while the vice captain wins 1.5 times the points. It is always best to choose the captain from Team A and the vice captain from Team B to maximize your chances of winning in the leagues.

Team Formation Matters

Fantasy cricket it about teamwork and performance and every player needs to contribute for a team to win at the end of the real-life game. There are various team formations that you can choose from, but try to focus on players with excellent strike rate. This will ensure your team gets more points, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Know Each Player’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Of course team formation is important, but knowing each players strengths and weaknesses is also a must. Based on where the real-life game is being played, every player will either contribute or be dud player. Hence, if you know their current form, ability to play different types of bowling, fielding expertise and capability with the bat, you will be able to select team players that perform well.

Think with Your Head and Not Heart

Cricket fans have favorite players and team, and will always want the player and team to win matches. However, in fantasy cricket, you need to think smart and create a team that performs well. Since, this virtual game requires a mix of players from both sides, don’t waste crucial points by always choosing your favorite player and team. To win in this version of cricket, you need to think smart and come up with a team that has the potential to win, with or without your favorite player.

Use these tips and you will master how to play fantasy cricket within no time. Remember, there is a learning curve in this game and once you overcome that curve, it will depend on your ability, keen eye and knowledge of individual players.

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