How to get hired as an English teacher abroad?

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There are many career opportunities, but many people around the world want to get into teaching. Not only it is considered one of the most prestigious jobs but also pays relatively well. There can be many fields one can become a professional teacher, and it also includes English language and literature teacher.

Since the demand for English teachers is always there all around the world, one can peruse their career quickly and get hired abroad as well.


English is an international language, and it is used all over the world as a primary and secondary language. That is why there are many local and international job opportunities for English teachers. In case you want to get hired elsewhere as an English teacher we have a complete guide for you.

1. Decide you want to get employed abroad as an English teacher

First of all, you have to make a career decision that you want to become an English teacher. It is better to study and train yourself right from the start, it will help you have more advantage and allow you to explore in this file as well.

You can check the newspaper or online job listings to have an idea what it takes to find teaching English jobs abroad, what the job responsibilities are, what degrees they ask for as well as what is their pay scale which will help you make a complete plan.

2. Choose a place/country which is more suitable for you

There are many developed and underdeveloped countries and regions which hire English teachers on a regular basis. Many states also need good teachers for government schools, colleges, and universities, which is a plus, as you can get more benefits and easy visa process when you have complete details. If you decide to teach English in Asia or China is good to find out Work Visa requirements.

World Map

Regions where you can peruse a career as an English Teacher:

  • Asia: countries like China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and South Korea have a higher demand for newbie English teachers.
  • Western and Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Sub Saharan Africa
  • South America and Central America

3. Get your degree/diploma from school

At least you need a diploma to get hired as an English teacher. For more competitive areas and countries like the Middle East and Western Europe, you will need at least a degree from a good university.


In case you don’t have a diploma or degree in the English language, another degree can help especially when you right experience and skills. If you want to increase your expertise in this field, you can also start to teach as a volunteer which is the best opportunity for you to get hired as an English teacher abroad.

4. Make a financial plan

It is not a piece of cake to get started; you will need some savings and back up money before you can take a job.


There are some expenses which you need to make when you want to get hired abroad. For example, airfare, housing, and living expenses as well as study and certification cost. Therefore create a plan and start saving for these expenses.

5. Get your credentials

Many countries require you to pass certifications like TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA before you apply. That is why you need to pass these certifications.

They will allow you to not only ask in different countries abroad but also makes your resume better and you can use with confidence as these certifications are considered as a right applicant for the job.

6. Make a CV/resume

Different countries and institutions require various information to be included in the CV. That is why you need to make a resume according to it. You have to list down full requirements and professionally make it according to your education, areas of application as well as the level of teaching you are targeting.


If you want to get hired in a school, your CV will be different from one when you are applying for higher level such as universities. Also, include your photograph in it and get it proofread before sending it.

7. Apply for English teacher

Now you are ready to apply abroad as an English teacher, and you can get the help of the internet, international newspapers and other organizations which deal in government-sponsored programs to find teaching English jobs abroad.

Therefore you have to get complete information of all the sources through which you can apply for a proper job.

8. Prepare and schedule And interview

Soon after the application, you will get the interview call, and you need to prepare for it as well. It can either conduct on Skype or phone, and you had to be yourself and nailed it. But make sure when an interview is taken in Skype appearance matters a lot.

9. Get a place to live

When you clear the interview, you have to find a right place to live, make sure that it is near the school and have local transport and markets available near the residence.

10. Manage your documents, Visa, tickets and pack your bags

Other your stuff and logistics you will also have your documents attested, line up all your educational certification, resume visa and tickets in a place, and you are good to go.

11. Get started

Congratulations, you are now ready to begin your career as an English teacher.

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