How To Get Away With Murder Season 3: Release Date, Spoilers, Casting

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Murder Season 3

American drama television series How to Get Away with Murder which premiered in September 2014 is all set to go into its third season exactly two-year after the inception of the Series. Speaking of the third instalment of “HTGAWM,”  Creator Pete Nowalk previously revealed that the upcoming season will introduce a new format and new murder mystery.

Update: Following the first episode of Season 3, The Hollywood Reporter reported on a recent interview with showrunner Pete Nowalk. He talked about the “hardest decision” he had to make in the history of the show, the killing that was carried out in the first episode of the season. When asked how was the decision to kill off a big character made and why, Nowalk said: “Over our hiatus I was thinking that we needed to make a big impact in our new season…..We got to that point just this last week so I had to make that decision of who. I always just want to surprise myself and find the thing that’s best for the show, but it was a very hard decision. It was the hardest decision I’ve had to make in the history of the show.”

How to get away with Murder Season 3 development timeline:

  • The series was renewed for a third season on March 3, 2016, along with several other shows by ABC. It was announced that the third season will premiere on September 22, 2016.
  • Production began on May 27, 2016, when showrunner Peter Nowalk announced on Twitter that the writer staff were in full swing mapping and writing the third season. The table read for the premiere happened on July 6, 2016, with filming starting a week later.
  • A promotional poster showcasing Viola Davis as Annalise Keeting, was released on August 9, 2016.
  • ABC released a promo for the third season on August 29, 2016.

How to get away with Murder Season 3 Guest Cast:

Season 3 is about to get more exciting as news surface that multiple Grammy winner Mary J. Blige will be appearing on the show.  Although Mary J. Blige’s role in the series is not confirmed yet, the fact that her addition to the cast is confirmed is enough to get fans excited.

Other than Blige, Esai Morales and Amy Madigan will also be appearing as a guest cast and Lauren Vélez will star in a recurring role in the third season.

How to get away with Murder Season 3 Spoiler/ Storyline Insight:

Based on the latest “How to Get Away with Murder” season 3 trailer, someone has put up posters of Annalise’s face with accusations saying she’s a murderer. Even though it wasn’t revealed if the murder was connected to the death of Wes’ (Alfred Enoch) father, Nowalk promised that the identity of the killer will be revealed this soon but stressed he won’t tell when. The Third season follows a number of character developments as well. The 30-second-long video clip begins by showing Wes Gibbins riding back to Middleton University and Connor Walsh relaxing in beach before moving into the main focus, Keating.

The most prominent death in the previous season of HTGAWM is the death of Wes’ biological father.  Connecting the dots to the “killer” posters, it could very well hint that Annalise might have a link with the killing?  If the posters weren’t perpetrating Annalise of the death of Wes’ father, she might then have killed someone else.

Did she or was it something short of a conspiracy ? Will Wes ever find out the truth about his father? And will Keating be vindicated for a crime she may or may not have committed? Who is the character whose demise is teased so briefly in the trailer.

It also confirmed that Frank (Charlie Weber) may not be seen in most parts of episode 1.

We’ll find out for sure on the 22nd of September in the first episode of How to get Away with murder Season 3 titled “We’re Good People Now” on ABC. Judging from the title of the episode, the main characters might try to live their lives differently next season. The first two seasons have been very tough for them because they kept on being involved in murder cases.

In other news, some photos from “We’re Good People Now” also confirmed that Connor (Jack Falahee) now has long hair. He’s still in a relationship with Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), and both of them have decided to stay back and work with Annalise.

“There was a real outpouring of love and concern for Oliver, and a fear that he might be killed off – but a lot of it was done in a very over-the-top way. One person threatened to fight showrunner Pete Nowalk. Someone else said they were going to throw their TV out the window if my character died. There were a lot of memes, too – even ones with Beyonce.”

-Conrad Ricamora

Update: The Fourth episode of “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 3, titled “Don’t Tell Annalise”,  Laurel (Karla Souza) has been revealed to be the next person to be safe from the burning house. However, it was also revealed that she is pregnant and the most likely father is Frank (Charlie Weber). On the other hand, someone sends a video of Annalise slapping one of her clients, which causes the state bar association to consider suspending her license. She then learns that a member of the university’s board of trustees sent the video. All events in correspondence with the last episode does promise a cracker of a 5th episode which is due to air on October 20. A teaser of Season 3 episode 5 was released where we can see that Bonnie and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) are awaiting tensely for news about Laurel’s condition as the doctors are still trying to save her. But the most interesting part is the scene where Bonnie and Frank meet bringing into consideration the fact that Frank killed Bonnie’s father in the previous episode.

Here is a look at the Season 3 Episode 5 teaser.

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