How to Fill Admission Form For Pre School in India?

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With April only a month away, it is time to prepare yourself for the new session. Yes, being the parent of your little one, it is imperative for you to find the best pre-school. After discovering a good pre-school, you should fill the admission form. And when it comes to pre-school admissions, their forms are lengthy.

However, no process needs to be followed while filling up the form, but a few requirements need to be fulfilled for preschool admission form:

Check the cut-offs

By cut-offs, we do not mean the marks cut-offs but the birth or the age cutoffs. Some pre-schools enrol kids at the age of five, while some have set the age as three. This cutoff depends upon state-to-state. So just to be doubly sure, check the birth cut-off.

Provide the proof of age and identity of the child

Either a birth certificate or a reliable document justifying the age of the child will be the very first document you will need. Preferably you should submit the birth certificate made at the time of birth by the hospital staff.

Residence proof

For residence proof you can give an electricity bill, a utility bill, rent agreement, driving license, income tax return statement, home ownership proof (including the mortgage statement) or any other reliable or official statement which has your name and address.

Once you have collected all these essential documents, you should go to school’s website and download the prospectus. The school’s brochure will have all the crucial details regarding the curriculum, its staff, the vision it follows. It will have the whole work process of the school.

The prospectus will also have a list of essential documents which you will need at the time of admission. It is always better to refer to the prospectus and follow their admission process to avoid any confusions. The prospectus of some schools also has a section called ‘How to fill admission form for the school.’

If you are looking for a right pre-school, then you should consider KIDZEE pre-schools as one of your options. KIDZEE has a vision of creating leaders for tomorrow keeping in mind the passion and dreams of the people.Their admission process is also very simple and easygoing. All you have to do is go on their website and look at their admission process and collect all the necessary documents. You can also visit the nearest KIDZEE playschool and take the pre-school admission form from the premises itself.

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