How to establish yourself as an independent photographer

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Photography is a very creative line of work. If you are a passionate photographer by heart, then until and unless you find the perfect job (which is more than rare!), you will have tough time doing others bidding when it comes to taking pictures. So, what is the best thing to do? Become an independent photographer!


Well, an independent photographer sounds very appealing indeed, but there are various difficulties along the way, particularly when it comes to establishing yourself as one and generating a steady flow of revenue. So how do you do that? Well if you want to get it done properly then start at the very beginning- first check out the various photography academy in Delhi and enroll in a course of your choice. Wondering what to do next? Let’s find out:

  • After joining the course, dabble with the various areas of photography and fixate upon the one that you think suits you the most and harp your focus on that. Try to be the best at what you do and earn a name for yourself from the very beginning. If you are good and focused from the very beginning, there are a lot of opportunities that might come along your way while studying the courses which you can take up and use them to enter your name in the photography circles.
  • The next thing that you will have to do is get into the practice of taking freelance work. Doing freelance work is a habit, which is best inculcated and you will need to understand the world of freelancing since this is something that you need when becoming an independent photographer. Develop your skills of professionalism. Nobody likes a photographer who is unprofessional or cannot deliver within time and hence it is very important to make sure that you maintain utmost professionalism.
  • Take up a few projects, like say doing weddings, on a seasonal basis so that they can at least guarantee you a steady flow of income in one season, so that you can sustain for the rest of the period. This is of course applicable during your struggling years. You can also accumulate capital based on these projects and then use it later to build your own studio. The experience of dabbling with various fields of photography in the digital photography classes Delhi will now come in handy.
  • The next thing that you have to do is host an exhibition of your pictures. Try to put your pictures on sale and see what kind of response it generates. Add a different element to your exhibition and think out of the box to make the best of your opportunity.
  • And last but not the least set up your own practice as soon as you have a little capital, buy or rent a studio and start your work with what little you have. Keep your patience and slowly work will continue to come.


So these are some of the basic policies that you have to follow if you want to establish yourself as an independent photographer. The road will be difficult, but the result promises to be very fulfilling.

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