How to Dating Someone with Depression and Anxiety?

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Depression and Anxiety

Dating someone with depression and anxiety: At a glance, depression, and anxiety both are the same problems because depression is mostly caused by anxiety. Along with anxiety, there can be many reasons for having depression. Approximately every year, 3 million people suffering from depression in the United States. When it comes to relationships, you probably know that dating someone with depression is very complicated. Because, your partner cannot be romantic with you during dating, He/She only surrounded by negative thoughts. In this mental disorder, people see all situations in negative aspects, and their self-esteem goes down. Moreover, they experience sadness, social isolation, fatigue, suicide thoughts, insomnia, restlessness, etc.

Depression and Anxiety issue

Tips for Dating Someone with Depression and Anxiety 

During dating someone with depression, most people frustrated and give up because they have no idea what are the right steps to move forward. Dating someone with depression doesn’t mean your relationship is going to end. Because you can treat depression and continue your love life happily with your partner, follow the simple steps to cure depression, which is given below.

Do not take it personally.

The person who is in depression is passing through the frustration. Sometimes they are behaving angrily with you and upset with you. Don’t feel guilty when they are saying bad words for you. Don’t take it personally. Actually, they are not feeling bad for you and not have a motive to hurt you. It is the side effect of negativity and depression. Indeed, they want to live alone and want to cry. They are not conscious of what they are saying. SO, do not take any of these things personally. Look in the eyes of your partner with love. Try to convince them that you love them a lot.

Listen to them carefully.

The solution to any problem is behind in its root cause. So, try to understand the root of depression by listening to your partner. Let them open in front of you. Listen to their problems and feelings. Do not interrupt them. When they tell you how they are feeling right now, you can understand their feelings. If they are feeling bad, try to motivate them. Tell about their importance and value for you.

Do not compare your experience with them.

When somebody is suffering from a tough time, we often want to share our past experiences to show them we are also passed through something similar condition. For example, we often say oh yeah, once I was too depressed. But, you should not say something like this whenever dating someone with depression. Because they feel that you are showing off and minimizing their pain, approaching with empathy is good but not let suppress someone’s feelings.

Good interaction is important.

When it comes to interaction, you have to be aware of what you are saying. Wrong words and phrases can make their depression severe. Do not say something like,It will get better, keep calm, get out of the house, and you will be fine, etc. When you say these words, you might think that it will be helpful to feel them better. But, these kinds of phrases and words are not working because it is like empty insulting and meaningless. They understand you are trying to help them, but it only makes them feel worse.

Instead of the above, you should give them a simple hug or say I love you. I am here for you. I believe you are strong. I believe in you, etc. Moreover, you can ask them, what can I do to help you? What you think would make you feel better?

Final Words

After trying the above tips, share your results in the comment section below. It will help to our new readers. If you have any additional suggestions for dating someone with depression, you can also share it. Apart from this, share this article with your friends or on social media platforms.

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