How to Channel the Man from UNCLE

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Man from UNCLE

Although the film came out in 2015, the style in ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E’ is completely timeless. Whether you’re after Henry Cavill’s Bond-esque suave suits or Armie Hammer’s rock and roll look, you’re guaranteed a classic, sharp look.

Rock & Roll

Armie Hammer’s character Illya Kuryakin exudes casual and effortless, even down to the Vespa. There is always a fine line between casual and scruffy, especially with men’s fashion. In the film, the flecked well-peaked cap gives the casual look a more refined edge. Try a peaked cap with your next night out outfit to top off your look and give it a stylish edge.

Kuryakin’s casual style is topped off by a suede A1 jacket that can elevate any casual outfit. Pair it with a navy roll neck jumper and grey flannel trousers for the full effect. To dress it up pair the jacket and jumper combo with grey tapered trousers for a look to carry you from office to bar.

Suave and Sophisticated

Nothing says ‘English gent’ like a well-fitted suit. Although Henry Cavill’s character Napoleon Solo is from across the pond, he owns the ‘English gent’ look. Costume designer Joanna Johnson said she didn’t want to coordinate Solo’s suits closely. What better way than to mismatch your jacket and trousers. Mens designer jackets come in colours and patterns to suit whichever look you’re going for; like these ( Try a sky blue jacket and navy trousers or a tweed jacket with beige chinos. Coordinate your mix and match suit with a similar colour shirt and you can take your outfit from office to date night without an ounce of effort.

Accessories take the suit from everyday to something quite special. The entire film is a perfect lesson in pattern mixing: take the same pattern in different sizes and you can’t go far wrong. Pair it all with classic cufflinks and you will look every part the ‘English gent’.

Top off either the casual rock and roll look or the suave suits with a timeless pair of aviators. Working with both a casual and a smart look, aviators exude style and suit any face shape. For a casual look, hook them over your jacket zip, or for a smart-suited look, keep them in your pocket so they’re always to hand.

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