How to Become an Enterprise Architect

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Enterprise Architect

The role of an enterprise architect is considered to be a critical one for an organization. Not only do enterprise architects earn a high salary, but they are also tasked with performing some of the most intricate jobs in the engineering industry. You may be thinking: what do enterprise architects actually do, and how can somebody become an enterprise architect? In this article, we shall go over some of this information.


Who is an enterprise architect?

Someone with a background in enterprise architecture knows how capable their organization is or will be in meeting business commitments and/or upcoming challenges. Five organizational areas, namely application building, management of data, organizational processes, tech infrastructure, and impact of the organization, benefit immensely through the implementation of enterprise architecture. The architect is mainly responsible for coming up with a thorough plan for incorporating the use of information technology organization-wide.

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architecture involves careful arrangement of various technological constituents such as email servers, payroll systems, security of data, and so forth. To accomplish this arrangement, there should be a clear visual model that reflects its goals and implementation procedure. As an enterprise architect, you need to have a thorough understanding of both the technical aspects of your company as well as the financial side which would ultimately enable smooth running of your business.


The work of an enterprise architect is mainly directorial and abstract since people working in this profession mainly make senior level organizational decisions. Technical skills like knowledge of operating systems is required for this job; however, an enterprise architect will most likely not spend as much time working on the details. Instead, they interact closely with managers and tech specialists in their company to execute their ideas. Typically, enterprise architects directly report to the most senior information officer in the company.


Education required of enterprise architects

As an enterprise architect, you need to have a college degree. Studying engineering or business management can be useful. You can also get a computer science degree. At the undergraduate level, you will learn more about information science, software engineering, information systems buildings, and data management. In a business degree, you will learn more about the laws which govern the operation of a business, business mathematics, statistics, financial accounting, economics, data analysis, and much more.

Enterprise Architect

Though it is optional to get a Master’s degree, many professionals choose to go for an M.B.A. to diversify their skill sets and knowledge. Getting an M.B.A, especially if you are from a technical background, is a great way to combine your technical expertise with knowledge of how to run a business. In addition, try to get professional experience since that will enable you to develop soft skills in addition to the technical skills which you need to learn to excel in this profession.


Enterprise architect certification

There are many certification programs which you could pursue to improve your skills as an enterprise architect. Choose a type of certification program that will complement your existing skills and let you have a significant impact on the type of company, industry, and focus area where you are interested to work. For example, by going through The Open Group Architecture Framework certification, you will be equipped to work according to their standard, minimize faults, adhere to deadlines, and stick to business considerations. Top cloud providers also offer more distinct programs and certifications.


Other skills

Being an enterprise architect requires having better interpersonal skills than most other professions. As an enterprise architect, you need to work with other engineers, architects, managers, and clients. Stakeholders should be consulted for projects so that you can improve upon the quality of your project with their feedback. It is also vital to be familiar with most areas of the organization since the role of an enterprise architect is much like that of a leader. Being more informed allows you to make better decisions.

Enterprise Architect

Staying updated about the latest and the most crucial technology trends will also help you to be a better leader in your industry. Demonstrating that you know your industry well gives others the confidence to trust your leadership and judgement.


Being an enterprise architect, you cannot always predict uncertain circumstances that would put you at a financial risk. Consider getting architects and engineers insurance to protect yourself from market risks. Visit this website for more information.

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