How to Apply UAE Visa | Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

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UAE Tourist Visa Requirements


If you want to go to Dubai, for any purpose like a job, travel, a tour, business purpose,. it may be for a short time or a long time, you will need a Dubai visa. You can get it in the form of an Electronic Travel Authorization. To obtain a visa, you must know how to apply for a Dubai visa, eligibility for a Dubai visa, documents required to obtain a Dubai visa, types of visa, etc. In this article, you will know everything regarding Dubai visas and how to get the visa with the help of the best travel agency.

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

To obtain a visa for a Dubai visit, the applicant must follow certain requirements.

Similar to other countries, the UAE also has set some rules and regulations for tourists to be eligible for visas.


Travel Record

Visitors who have toured at least once in the previous 5 years. Those who have an acceptable visa for countries like the UK, Russia, USA, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, European Union. can get a Dubai Visa.


They will have to submit valid proof of travel record to the UAE of recent 5 years or valid visa of the above-mentioned countries. Students above 18 years and females traveling alone will need to submit NOC or husband or parent along with general documents and fees.

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Newly Married Couple

If the name of the partner is not included on the passport, the visitors will have to submit a Marriage Certificate. You will have to submit the NOC of your parents if you are immediately travelling after the wedding, a wedding card, and proof of wedding.


Invitation From the Family Members

If the applicant is invited by any of his family members living in Dubai, then he will have to submit an invitation letter, visa copy of the residing family member with general documents.

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements


Documents Needed to Get Dubai Visa

  • Filled Visa Application form
  • Visa Fee
  • Passport photographs
  • Copy of flight ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Passport copy of the sponsor

 Types of Dubai Visa

Depending on the requirement of the visitor, there are various types of visas


Tourist Visa

As per the name, if any individual looking to visit Dubai, is eligible for this visa. The validity of this visa is 30 days. If the visa holder could not leave UAE within this duration, it cost the tourist.


Visit Visa

It is for the people who are visiting to meet someone in Dubai. This is issued by the GDRFA office. Once the visa application is accepted, the permission copy is sent to the applicant.


Transit Visa 2

It is required if anybody is waiting in Dubai for more than 8 hours due to a waiting flight. The applicant should leave the country within 4 days.


Employment Visa

This type of visa is given to foreign employees working in Dubai. Its validity is 2 months after the issue.


Residence Visa:

Once you have a job in Dubai, this visa allows you to access Emirates ID and permits you to be a valid resident of Dubai.

It allows you to invite your family members to Dubai.


How to Apply For a Dubai Visa

Once you know the type of visa as per your requirement, documents needed, you can easily apply for a Dubai visa with the help of the best travel agency.

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

Step 1: Once you select the type of visa, Go to the official website of

Step 2: Obtain your booking with the help of the (Manage an existing booking) link.

Step 3: Then click on the link “Apply for the UAE visa” on the website.

Step 4: VFS page will be opened on the screen

Step 5: You will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions to move further

Step 6: The next step will be to select travel duration and the names of the visitors traveling together who need a visa.

You will also have to fill in the details of your passport, your native place, and your current country.

Step 7: Subsequently, you will be asked to enter your email ID with the relationship of other applicants if applying together. It is an important step because a visa copy will be sent to you on the same email ID, so fill it carefully.

Step 8: you will receive an email on your email ID. Click on the link you received in the email to open the application form.

Step 9: After opening the application form, upload all the mandatory documents according to your requirement and status.

Step 10: The next step will be fees payment. You can make fees via debit or credit cards.

Step 11: After the payments, the applicant will receive confirmation of the successful payment.



Hopefully, this article is helpful to you about Dubai visas, you can visit for more such articles.

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