How Selecting a Needle to Inject Insulin makes a Difference

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Needle to Inject

Diabetes, a disease known to be as the silent killer, is often neglected by people. Although it is a prevalent disease and millions of people have it, still people are not aware of the deadly consequences it has if proper care is not taken. After diabetes reaches a certain point, where medicines can not control it, there is a need to take insulin. No matter how much a diabetic patient tries to avoid it, one day or the other insulin has to be taken, that too for their well being. These injection needles may seem scary at first, but the patients can get used to it.

In the beginning, it may seem overwhelming because of all the wide range of products, but then the options are limited by the health care plan taken by the patient. All of this also depends on what type of diabetes does the patient have and how intense it is. Different doctors have different ways to prescribe insulin for their patients. Therefore, they provide a lot of medicines at their discretion. Since each patient is new to it and the dose of insulin differs in each patient, everyone has to be taught and has to be educated separately. All of this includes the teaching of a proper technique of how to inject insulin, and also the proper selection of an injection needle.

Insulin is often taken by people who wish to find an easy way out of this painful disease. They are happy by seeing its immediate effects but are not aware of its after-effects. Just because it is easy to use and painless and manages diabetes instantly, it does not mean that it is the best thing for your body. However, millions of people fail to understand this. But, because it is useful to some extent, manufacturers have worked to try and improve that injection needles experience. Over the past years, the size of the needle has also varied, from 16-mm (length), 27-gauge (thickness) needle in 1985, to a 4-mm, 32-gauge needle in 2010. And all of this was done because research says a shorter needle reduces pain and anxiety during the whole process of injection of the insulin.


All of this makes us wonder some questions. Questions such as — will this needle gives the same effect to the person who is skinny, as the person who is bulgy and fat? And will it have the same impact on everybody’s body and too till the same time limit. The next major question would be whether the shorter needles, about 4-5 mm long, work as well as the longer ones, which are about 8-12.7mm.

All of these researches keep going to find out the best option, but that does not mean we take these medicines for granted and forget to take care of our health by eating healthy and exercising.

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