How much sex should I be having? Experts reveal the TRUTH behind regular sex

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How much sex should I be having

Studies have found that having an orgasm every day helps your attitude towards everyday life [Getty]

Obviously, because with sex comes some very positive effects on the human body.

Earlier this year, it was revealed having regular sex has a range of benefits, even including a person’s outlook at work.

The scientific paper found that if you orgasm in the evening, you will find yourself in a better mood for work the next day. 

But with so many people living different lifestyles and enjoying a range of living routines, how can you really tell someone how often they should be having sex?

Some experts believe that three to four times a week is a generally good number [Getty]

The answer is that there is no right answer, as we’re all in different relationships, or – if we’re being honest – living single life.

Of course, studies find that the more sex you can have, the better.

In 2004, a study called The Normal Bar, found three to four times a week to be a generally good number to aim for.

And that may be perfect for some people, as regular sex has many great health benefits.

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Sex by Numbers: What Statistics Can Tell Us About Sexual Behaviour, a popular book, has found that as a population we’re having sex on average three times a month compared to earlier findings of five times a month.

And so, it appears the only person who can tell you how often you need to be having sex is you.

Others believe it is important to start tracking your sex life [Getty]

If you want to make sure you’re doing it enough, some scientists have supported the idea of tracking your sex life. 

Author of From The Bedroom To The Office Kevin Leavitt revealed that: “Twenty years ago, tracking your steps or caloric intake would have seemed strange or obsessive.

Couple in bed without clothes being intimate.

“If you want to increase wellbeing, this is something we should be giving more thought.”

As bizarre as it may sound, there are already apps in the market which help you do this.

The Track My Sex Life app – for example – is a place where you can record details of intercourse including frequency, places, partners and safety.

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